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Jan Small, Editor Beauty Top To ToeHi I’m Jan,

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You might think, as the editor of Beauty Top To Toe, I spend all my time being pampered and testing new products and treatments.

But as I’m married, with two kids and a full time job working from home, I don’t have time (even in my line of work) for every elaborate beauty routine out there, much as I’d like the pampering.

There are some things I come across that are definite keepers though and I’ll share them with you on the site.

I always wanted to be drop dead gorgeous but nature didn’t quite play ball. It’s true, I don’t break any mirrors, but super models and celebrities have nothing to worry about from my direction. On balance, things could have been worse so I’m not complaining. In any case, none of us have to put up with the level of attractiveness we were born with. I am all for taking action!

That’s why I love the world of makeup and beauty products. With a few subtle changes you can transform how you look, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Whatever the adverts tell you, you don’t need every product that comes out and I won’t be telling you to buy them. Just because a product is new doesn’t mean it’s going to change your life. You don’t need to spend all day looking good either. There are just a few key things, (probably a unique combination for each of us) that will make a big difference.

There’s in a insight into my beauty routine below and I hope some of what I share here and on the blog will help you too.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to


Editor : Beauty Top To Toe

My Beauty Routine

I like to keep things simple because life’s too short for complicated. Here’s an insight into some of what goes on with me. I’ll fill you in on the details on the blog over time 🙂

Makeup – I love what makeup can do for me and I wear it most days just giving my skin a rest now and again when I’m not going anywhere. I wear full makeup but with a light touch. I like to wear natural makeup, nothing too over the top glamorous but I like to see glamor in others though I don’t like makeup that looks like a mask. I’m not wedded to any particular brand or formula and like to try out different products, when I get time to experiment.

Skin Care – I had bad acne as a teenager (face like a pizza in fact) so I feel lucky not to have any scars from that. I’m quite happy with my skin now and my skin care routine is very basic – cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing. That’s it. I’ve tried out various facials and treatments over the years. They are a lovely way to pass the time (if you have any to spare) but the effect doesn’t last, and I’d rather buy a dress (or more makeup) with that cash. I do wear sunscreen religiously all year round (moisturizer with SPF) and use sun block in the summer. Hoping to keep the wrinkles at bay a whole lot longer. Living in Scotland where it rains a lot helps too.

Hair – I have light brown hair which I have colored every 5 weeks and my hair cut every 10. I’m letting it grow at the moment to have more fun with styling but I won’t let it get too much past my shoulders. It is naturally shiny, straight and well behaved so I often just let it air dry when I’m not going out. I like to vary shampoo and conditioner so that there is no build up from any one product.

Nails – I used to be a nail biter and my nails are very weak. I’ve finally trained myself to stop biting and clear nail strengthener seems to be doing the trick with getting them to grow without breaking.

Eyebrows – My eyebrows are naturally dark and thick and they dominated my eyes until I had them professionally shaped years ago and it transformed my face. I’d never ever let them grow back to their natural state 🙂

Yoga – I try to practice for an hour a day but don’t always manage it. It’s probably more like 3 or 4 times a week, if the truth be told. The aim is to get as supple and toned as a teenager and stay that way forever but I might have left it too late 🙂 Yoga helps keep me calm too but usually when I’m most stressed, there’s no time to exercise!

Walking – I used to go to the gym and pound the treadmill at lunch time in my days working in an office. I loved it (more because of the escape from the office I think!) Now I work at home that option is too much hassle. But in Scotland it seems that any kind of walking anywhere, including going up and down my street, involves hills. It keeps me fit. It’s the only aerobic exercise I do now. Well maybe apart from cleaning the house (but that doesn’t happen often enough to count)

Diet – I don’t believe in “5 a day”. I believe in at least 15! I loosely follow a food combining diet where you avoid eating fat and carb foods at the same meal. When I say loosely, that means I actually follow it about 3 days out of 7 for all my meals. The other days I have a social life and just enjoy whatever is on the menu especially red wine and chocolate cake (but not together)! On the days I am keeping to the regime, I eat a bowl of 6 to 7 chopped fruits first thing (I’m an early riser), an omelet with cheese or mushrooms mid morning, then at lunch, a chunky vegetable soup or a huge salad with fish, chicken or lean roast beef. Dinner is meat with veggies. It’s a lot of food so I’m never hungry. Still can’t say no to chocolate though so I try not to keep it in the house except in the form of Oreos or Jaffa Cakes that my family like but I don’t.