Get Started with Your Beauty Makeover

You’ll find some great beauty tips on Beauty Top to Toe to transform your looks and make you feel a hundred times better. If you think you need a lot of help, even a whole beauty makeover then you can easily set that in motion if you have a plan to follow.

beauty makeover

Think about what you would like to change...

We all love the idea of changing ourselves – must be those daft fairy tales we all listened to when we were kids. Cinderella has a lot to answer for.

If you think you need a proper makeover and not just help to apply blush in the right way or whatever, here are some principles to set you on the right path.


The best makeovers don’t make you look like someone else. They make you look like a 100 times better version of you. So don’t try anything drastic. Work on what you have. Everyone has the raw materials to be beautiful with the right makeup, hair and skin care, diet and exercise.


Don’t try and change everything at once. Decide all the things you’d like to change and then hammer away at them one thing at a time. You’ll soon get through your list with a bit of help. Look out for the great tips and guides coming up here at Beauty Top to Toe.


Don’t accept you have to live with a problem without doing some investigation. It’s amazing what can be changed these days. What can’t be changed, can be camouflaged or made into an asset creating your unique look.


Be open to change. If you carry on doing your hair and makeup like you’ve always done them, you are never going to look any better. You are missing out on some great hair styles and makeup ideas that could make you look a million dollars. Sometimes you just need to visit a different cosmetics counter or hairstylist to see what you have been missing.


Be ready to get professional help. Sometimes you need the hairstylist, the personal trainer or the aesthetician to help in your transformation. Don’t miss out by trying to do everything yourself at home.


If money is tight, don’t despair. Practice techniques at home while saving up for professional help. You can do a lot yourself, you just can’t do everything.


Not sure where to begin? Start at your head and work your way down to your feet asking yourself what you would like to change and then add those changes to your list. If hair and makeup are not on there, and you haven’t changed styles in the last couple of years, add them to your list. You need an update to stay current!


Pay attention to the basics like diet and exercise first. There is no makeup that is going to disguise breathlessness and lack of energy or remove a wobbly double chin. You can do that by eating right and moving your body enough. I know that kind of advice is boring but it’s still true. Sorry!


Get a little help from your friends. Why not agree to go walking every day to get fit, have a friendly bet on growing your nails or have fun trying out new makeup together – you can have a laugh at your mistakes and get tips from how your friends do their makeup. Or book a makeup artist for a joint lesson and have a fun evening getting a new look.


Keep a sense of proportion. Nobody’s perfect so don’t get worked up about your flaws. Change what you can, hide what you can’t and accept what’s not working for you with good grace. Chances are no one will notice your imperfections if you remember to smile 🙂

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