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So Many Beauty ProductsYou’ll find two types of reviews on Beauty Top To Toe.

Products I Know and Love

These are the products that I know like the back of my hand that I love and use all the time. You’ll know which products they are because I’ll tell you all about what I love about them, how I use them and also what I don’t like about them.

For example, I wrote about L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Eye Filler recently, a product I use twice a day and have done for the past few years.

Products Buyers Know And Love

You’ll also find reviews here of the best products to try of one kind or another where I can’t possibly test everything out myself.

Luckily hundreds and sometimes thousands of buyers have tested these already and I have waded through their comments and weighed up the evidence to make an assessment of the best performing brands so that you don’t have to. I am knee deep in eyeliner reviews at the moment.

You can be sure I will be purchasing anything that is good, and having a go myself before too long if it’s at all appropriate for me to test it but meanwhile we can be grateful to all the buyers who like to talk about their purchases, good or bad. I already picked out one of the eyeliners to test but more about that soon.


By the way, you may find some advertising on this site (we all need to live) but it’s not the kind where I have to pander to anyone or any company. So I can recommend anything that is good and it doesn’t matter whether you buy product X or product Y or use my cheap and cheerful solution that costs next to nothing or even nothing.

Running a site like this doesn’t cost a fortune (just a bit of cash and a lot of blood sweat and tears) so though I may earn a few cents commission here and there when I tell you where you can buy, you can get most of the products I recommend in a local store just as easily and I won’t be upset.

If you have anything to add about a product reviewed on the site then feel free to add a comment to the review and give your opinion or you can contact Beauty Top To Toe about any other products you use. I’d love to hear from you.

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