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How To Design Your Own Nails

Nail design blue flowers

If you would like to have a go at nail painting with a design that will get your nails noticed but you are not sure where to start, there are some great step by step guides called “How to Design Your Own Nails” I found by Jaime Maurer that will really help you. These guides give step by step instructions so that you can see exactly what to do including the nail polish you need and which simple tools will help.They include some great tips such as using a toothpick on the pointed side for a smaller dot and breaking […] Read more »

Should You Get A Tattoo Like Angelina Jolie?

angelina jolie tattoo

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful lady. She also has a tattoo as you can see in the picture. Should you follow the celebrity trend and get a tattoo or should you forget it? Tattoos may be fun and you may feel that body art is a great way to express yourself but you also need to think of tattoos as permanent unless you are going to go through the painful and costly process of having them removed. Even then you may be left with some scarring rather than smooth beautiful skin. When trying to decide whether to get a tattoo, […] Read more »

Three Lipstick Colors That Suit Everyone

lipstick colors

I always thought you had to be really careful with lipstick colors otherwise they could a) make you look like death warmed up b) give a nice tinge of yellow to your teeth c) clash with the rest of your makeup or your clothes but apparently there are three special shades of lipstick that work well for everyone (though I guess you still have to choose the right one to go with your makeup and clothes). This is according to a report on Celebrity makeup artist David Maderich, and Miami-based makeup artist Marissa Nemes suggested three shades that would […] Read more »

Look Younger: Don’t Sleep On Your Side

Woman sleeping on her side

You would think any kind of beauty sleep would help you stay young, but apparently it’s not the case if you sleep on your side. According to “Sleeping on Your side Can Make You Look Older“, the position you sleep in can have a big impact on your looks – as much as sunbathing and smoking. Yikes! This theory comes from a clinical professor in dermatology at the Tulane University School of Medicine, Mary Lupo, one of the country’s leading experts in the field of non-surgical skin rejuvenation, who reckons she can tell the position any woman habitually sleeps in […] Read more »

Do You Wear Makeup At Home Alone?

working at home

It’s all too easy these days, now that I work at home, to slob around in track pants and not bother putting on any makeup. But don’t you just know it, whenever I do that, someone comes to call or I have to pop out unexpectedly and face the world with a bare face, clad in a fashion “faux pas” of the worst kind. Trust me, even the UPS man is better not catching sight of my natural face and the grunge side of my wardrobe (should really clear that stuff out, so I’m not even tempted). Having been caught […] Read more »

Five Timeless Beauty Quotes

beauty quote when you feel positive and happy

I just had fun picking these beauty quotes out of “Good Housekeeping: Timeless Beauty” and messing about with the pictures – seems like anything is OK apart from doing real work today. Anyway I hope you like them too. 1 When You Feel Positive and Happy… “When you feel positive and happy, you exude energy, enthusiasm and true beauty” Jo Glanville-Blackburn 2 Beauty Exists at Every Age… “Beauty exists at every age. It’s not about youth and perfection!” Jo Glanville-Blackburn 3 It’s Never Too late… “It’s never too late to protect your skin from further sun damage” Paolo Giacomoni, Head […] Read more »

Look Younger in Winter

Look younger in winter

I’m not a fan of winter. Give me warmth and sun any day. And now they tell us that winter ages you by 5 years. I think I knew that without the scientific study, thanks! But anyway let’s see how it is that the colder months can make you look old and what you can do about it to look younger. According to one winter aging study, carried out by a company which makes a high end under eye cream to reduce dark circles (Aronia Organics), it is actually dark circles that age us by 5 years (mind you, they […] Read more »

Heidi Klum: How to Look Like A Model

Heidi Klum supermodel

There are plenty of beautiful models in their teens that haven’t really lived yet and then there are supermodels (far fewer) that have had 4 kids and are approaching 40, like Heidi Klum, who have been successful over a number of years. If you want to know how to look like a model, you can better listen to Heidi than one of the waifs who will not be around in 5 years. Heidi’s career just seems to go on and on from catwalk star and top model to entrepreneur to TV presenter. Somehow, while juggling all that, she manages to […] Read more »

Feeling Younger Makes You Look Younger!

feel younger to look younger

I just read about a study that showed when you feel younger in your mind, you also look younger, without any other changes to your appearance. So you’re actually are (in the eyes of everyone else too!) as young as you feel. How can that be? Maybe it is a twinkle in your eye or something. The study, reported here, looked at the effects of a hair appointment on women between the ages of 27 and 83. If women said that they felt younger after their hair treatment they were rated as looking younger by a team of independent raters […] Read more »

Homemade Makeup Remover

extra virgin olive oil

Some of the store bought makeup removers are filled with chemicals and can irritate sensitive skin. Recently I came across this video by Michelle Phan (see below) that shows a great recipe for homemade makeup remover that has just two ingredients. This recipe is great for removing all kinds of waterproof eye makeup as well as foundation, blush and long lasting lipsticks, and it can replace your regular cleanser even if you are not wearing makeup. It’s unlikely you’ll find a more natural eye makeup remover on the shelves as they need chemicals to bind the ingredients. To see how […] Read more »

How To Get Gorgeous Hair in 9 Steps

gorgeous hair

Even if you were born with great hair, you have to look after it to keep it that way. If you not so lucky then you just need a bit of know-how to get gorgeous hair yourself. California based celebrity stylists Jet Rhys Hair provide 9 tips for making the most of your hair, and I just couldn’t help myself adding one or two of my own. 1 Shampoo & Condition Always choose a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. You only need to wash the crown of your head and let the shampoo that trickles down cleanse […] Read more »

Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial For Round Eyes

Before and After Angelina Jolie makeup

I loved this Angelina Jolie makeup tutorial by makeup artist Samantha Chapman because it has a few great makeup application tips that will work for any look, and she gives lots of special tips for those with round eyes. Also my favorite videos are those where you see a real transformation between the bare face at the beginning and the face with makeup at the end. That shows real skill with makeup, especially if the makeup does not look thick and unnatural. What you’ll learn watching this:- How to give round eyes a more feline look that is just as […] Read more »

10 Winter Skin Tips To Ignore

winter skin tips

There’s no doubt about it. Skin suffers in winter, so you’ll want to take special care so that your skin stays dewy and soft. But sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and not realize that we are making things worse rather than better. I came across a great article1 by Elizabeth Flahive recently on winter skin care tips and the myths to be aware of as you look after your skin in cold weather. Here are the 10 myths you need to know about according to Elizabeth plus my take on the subject. 1 MYTH: Use Thicker Cream […] Read more »

Fast Beauty Tips and Tricks: Look Gorgeous in One Step

Kate Winslet

If you don’t have a lot of time to do a full makeup and pampering session before your next night out, don’t despair. According to this slide show of fast beauty tips and tricks from Cosmopolitan, take the lead from the stars at the Venice film Festival, who looked wonderful with a focus on just one thing. Though celebrities look naturally gorgeous, there’s still a lot to gain by playing up just one of your best features, if you’re in a rush. Choose from the following fast makeup looks for celebrity glamor:- 1 Sunkissed Bronze Look A subtle bronze tawny […] Read more »

40 Top Fat Burning Tips

Fat burning tips

If you’re trying to lose weight website has a whole collection of articles and slide shows with handy fat burning tips that will help you with your goal. And let’s face it, most of us can do with all the help we can get when it comes to burning fat. The wobbly stuff has got to go! Here are the best tips of the bunch IMHO based on how easy they are to implement and how likely they are to make a big difference. Of course, all these tips involve some effort in either changing your diet or getting […] Read more »

Want Beautiful Nails? 3 Habits To Break Right Now!

Beautiful nails are not just about colored nail polish

With the gorgeous intricate nail art designs and glitter polishes you see all around these days, there’s no need to stick with a plain old French manicure. Painting your nails has become a exercise in creativity. Have fun with color and design but don’t forget nail health in your quest for beautiful nails. You might reason that there are gel and acrylic nails to help out if your nails are not the best. And it’s true, they can hide a multitude of sins – a great short term or special occasion solution to hide less than healthy nails. But I […] Read more »

Best Dry Skin Moisturizers For Very Dry Skin

skin like parched earth

I came across this helpful video and article by Sali Hughes at the Guardian (one of the quality newspapers in the UK, in case you don’t recognize the publication). She takes us through the best dry skin moisturizers available for dealing with facial dry skin. Sali makes the point that although there are some great cheap moisturizers for very dry skin for use on the body (such as Vaseline, Eucerin and E45) you can’t use the same cheap products on your face especially if you want to use makeup. Makeup just doesn’t sit well on top of those formulas. You […] Read more »

Amy’s Long Hair Care Tips

Amy's Long Hair care Tips

After I posted my 50 tips on How to Grow Long Hair, I didn’t think there was much else to say on the subject of how to look after long hair but Amy over at her Loveamy blog proved me wrong. Amy has beautiful naturally black very long hair, about waist length and she shared her long hair care tips with us here. It was good to see that we agree on a lot of things about keeping long hair healthy in general, and I won’t go over those again. But it was great to read Amy’s own hair care […] Read more »

14 Hair Care Tips You Should Ignore

hair care tips

I was interested in this Total Beauty slide show I came across recently on 14 hair care rules that should be broken. That’s mainly because I had just put together my post 50 Tips: How to Grow Your Hair Long (And Look Gorgeous!) and so of course, I had to check if they were saying I was giving out any bad advice. Here are the 14 hair care tips to ignore according to the slide show and my take on each one. Should You Ignore These Hair Care Tips? 1 Apply styling products before you blow dry Breaking this “rule” […] Read more »

32 Skin Care Tips: What Not To Do

skin care mistakes

All of the beauty mistakes seem to be coming out of the woodwork this week. Now we have another set of things not to do, according to this slide show I came across this week by Real Beauty entitled “33 Surprising Things That Can Ruin Skin”. Actually there are only 32 skin care tips but we won’t gripe about that 🙂 Not all of the things in the slide show were a surprise to me, but some of them were and some of them were useful reminders. Other I’m convinced are just myths but if I’m wrong about that, please […] Read more »