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Review Of Julia’s Lip Tint

Julia's Lip Tint

I have been testing out some great lip tints over the weekend called Julia’s Lip Tint, that I was given to review. I always find lip tints a good way of getting a long lasting lip color, because I am useless at remembering to reapply lipstick, but how would I get on with these? Julia’s Lip Tints come in little dark glass bottles with a screw on lid. If you like your cosmetics to look glamorous, then you will be a bit disappointed with these, but I’m more of a functional kind of gal, and I never apply makeup in […] Read more »

Lumie Clear Review: Miracle Product Or Waste Of Money?

lumie clear

A few weeks ago, after years of not being much bother at all, my skin erupted. At first I wasn’t too bothered. I was a bit run down and a few spots could be expected and I thought they would disappear in a few days. They didn’t! So I started using typical acne products (Clearasil) on them and giving my skin the type of harsh treatment I know, as a beauty editor, is counterproductive but I just wanted to scrub them away. All that happened is that those blemishes became more widespread and my skin got awfully dry and scaly. […] Read more »

My Review of PediPro Deluxe

pedipro deluxe

Call me naive but I love those TV ads showing gadgets that can do seemingly wonderful things with no effort. My latest purchase as a result of a TV ad catching my eye is a PediPro Deluxe, which looked like it could get my feet beach ready in an instant. Hopefully any moment now, summer is going to show it’s face and my feet are badly in need of a pedicure. Could this gadget get them sandal-ready without the hassle of making an appointment and for less than the price of a single pedicure? The answer: yes and no. This […] Read more »

Best Lip Plumper Reviews : Lip Plumpers That Work!

best lip plumper

If you spend as much time as I have reading lip plumper reviews you can start to get thoroughly disheartened because the holy grail lip plumper that works can seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth. But when you dig more deeply among the huge number of lip plumping products for sale there are some real gems. And you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg buying them (at least not always) or resort to lip augmentation or fillers. Having said that, even the best lip plumper reviews are mixed. Not all the products suit everyone all […] Read more »

Aronia Berry Night Treatment Nourishing Cream Review

AroniaN-2 Aronia Berry Night Treatment Nourishing Cream

I’m so excited that I received my first product sample to review in the mail from the U.S. on Thanksgiving Day no less 🙂 It was a jar of Aronia Berry Night Cream from, recently launched in the US though it has been around in Europe for over 20 years. (I hadn’t heard of it in the U.K.) The Aronia berry “superfruit” (also known as chokeberry) contains the very rich concentration of antioxidants and according to Wikipedia “A test tube measurement of antioxidant strength, the oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC, demonstrates chokeberry with one of the highest values […] Read more »

Buying New Beauty Products? Hang On, Not So Fast!

shopping for cosmetics

So many new beauty products get created every year that it’s difficult to keep up with them all. Most of them are not really new and innovative. It’s just that the big brands need to try and persuade us to part with our cash so they need to keep producing new stuff. Otherwise we’d just stick with our tried and true moisturizer or mascara and keep our money firmly in our wallet. It might seem like I’m committing heresy speaking as one who writes about and loves makeup, creams and lotions but you don’t actually need to buy that much […] Read more »

L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Eye Filler

LOreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Eye Filler

L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Eye Filler is one of my holy grail products that I make sure never to run out of. I’ve been using it for years, ever since it first came out. I had a panic when L’Oreal brought out their under eye roller. For a few months all I could find in my local stores was this brand new product. The L’Oreal collagen micro vibration eye cream was everywhere and my holy grail product was no where to be found. I almost tried the eye roller vibration thingy (it may even have been great) but I still […] Read more »