Do You Wear Makeup At Home Alone?

working at homeIt’s all too easy these days, now that I work at home, to slob around in track pants and not bother putting on any makeup.

But don’t you just know it, whenever I do that, someone comes to call or I have to pop out unexpectedly and face the world with a bare face, clad in a fashion “faux pas” of the worst kind.

Trust me, even the UPS man is better not catching sight of my natural face and the grunge side of my wardrobe (should really clear that stuff out, so I’m not even tempted).

Having been caught out more times than I want to remember, I now try and make some kind of effort every day.

The funny thing is that I feel better and work better, as well as look better, when I do. Maybe it feels more professional so I act accordingly and whizz through the “to do” list much faster. The track pants and foundation-less face probably send subliminal messages like “Relax! Don’t try too hard!” to my brain.

Then, when kids and hubbie come home, I look better, I’ve done more and I’m happier. That has to be a win-win-win.

It doesn’t even have to be a huge effort – just a touch of foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick and blush – a five minute job at most. Pick something comfortable yet attractive out of the wardrobe instead of track pants and I’m done. It’s no more effort putting on something with a touch of style.

Last time I went to a personal shopper, I got her to pick out a whole load of things from the rails that would be great for wearing around the house. I had said I wanted only washable things but she seemed to ignore that in some cases. She didn’t seem to get that I wasn’t going to wear things about the house that needed dry cleaning, when I might be working at the computer one minute and washing the kitchen floor the next. But anyway, even having rejected the impractical stuff I ended up with a nice pile of clothes for not too much money and a whole new set of possibilities for my casual wardrobe.

Whether you work at home or only have weekends to get away from the office, it’s worth spending a bit of time and money getting a minimal stylish look together. You’ll feel better and you’ll look better for whoever else might cross your path, even when you think you’re just going to be home alone.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I always wear eyeshadow, mascara and penciled eyebrows when home alone. I’m retired from the work world and I keep house and care for my husband who still works. Every time I use the bathroom, I keep toning astringent handy and spritz my face, spray my toes and legs with a spray body lotion and swish whitening mouth wash. I make my bathroom trips beauty effective.

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