Eye Makeup and Eye Care for Beautiful Eyes

Even though I expect I’ve never met you, I know one thing about you. Your eyes are beautiful!

eye care and eye makeupThat’s true whatever shape they are, whatever color they are.

Eyes are so expressive. They are part of your personality – a mirror of your soul as they say and I’m sure your soul is lovely.

Still, that’s not to say your eyes can’t be enhanced and made more beautiful still with good eye care and well applied eye makeup and that’s what this section of Beauty Top to Toe is all about.

10 Ways to Make Your Eyes More Beautiful

If you follow each of these ten tips you will be making the very most of your eyes and they will be mote able to reflect your soul!


Beautiful Eyes are Healthy Eyes

Avoid getting eye infections because sties and conjunctivitis are not pretty. Don’t rub your eyes and wash you hands before you apply makeup or touch your eyes. Never share eye makeup and keep your eye makeup brushes clean.


Get Plenty of Sleep

I’m sure you’ve noticed that if you burn the candle at both ends your eyes look tired and bloodshot. Make sure you take some time to catch up on your beauty sleep if you’ve had a lot of late nights or early mornings.


Protect From the Sun

The bright light of the sun can affect your eyes by making them sore and red, and the skin around the eyes is very thin and susceptible to sun damage. Protect them by wearing good quality sunglasses, whenever you’re out in the sun.

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Vision Correction

If you need glasses or contact lenses to see properly, wear them! Constant squinting causes wrinkles you can do without. Make sure you get your eyesight checked regularly too.


Good Quality Eye Cream

Use an eye cream specially designed for the eye area to reduce crows feet and under eye bags and wrinkles. I like L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Eye Filler.


Use Mascara

Even if you wear no other makeup, wearing mascara can lift your looks 100% by emphasizing your beautiful eyes. Well-defined eye lashes simply give a frame that draws attention to your best features.


Makeup For the Shape of Your Eyes

Learn to apply your eyeliner and eye shadow to enhance the shape and set of your eyes. Subtle differences in application can really make a difference.


Conceal Dark Circles

An undereye concealer can draw attention away from the dark circles and put all the focus on your eyes themselves, just how it should be.


Bring Out Their Color

Don’t match your eye shadow to the color of your eyes. Use a different color so that it provides a contrast that sets off your eyes perfectly.


Give Your Eyes A Break

These days we are often hours sitting at PC screens. Give your eyes a rest every ten minutes or so and make sure that you blink frequently rather than staring at the screen all the time to avoid red sore eyes.