Feeling Younger Makes You Look Younger!

feel younger to look younger

You're as young as you feel...

I just read about a study that showed when you feel younger in your mind, you also look younger, without any other changes to your appearance. So you’re actually are (in the eyes of everyone else too!) as young as you feel.

How can that be?

Maybe it is a twinkle in your eye or something.

The study, reported here, looked at the effects of a hair appointment on women between the ages of 27 and 83. If women said that they felt younger after their hair treatment they were rated as looking younger by a team of independent raters in pictures which showed them with their newly coiffed hair blanked out of the image.

Remove Old Age Cues

The research particularly looked at hair color, so perhaps getting your gray roots touched up is the best thing you can do to feel and look younger! Anything that tricks your mind into thinking you are younger than you are is a good idea! Apparently your blood pressure drops too, so you are tricking your circulatory system into youthfulness too. A great excuse for pampering treatments at the salon.

The study also mentions previous research that shows the positive effect of removing old age cues, and it’s not just about looks. These things improve your health and actually make you live longer. They are that significant. The examples given that turn back the clock are:-

  • wearing a uniform (so you have the same clothes as younger co-workers
  • having kids later in life (so you are meeting up with and doing the same things as women younger than you)
  • marrying a younger man (so you avoid getting set in the ways of your generation and have insights into the younger one – doesn’t do much for the younger partner though!)

So youthfulness is not just about looking younger, but also thinking younger and acting younger so that you feel younger.

There’s a fine balance I suspect between embracing everything that’s new and keeping an eye on youth culture and totally pretending you’re 16 again. You don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. Just stay current, without looking ridiculous.

But feel free to try out all the rejuvenating treatments that make you feel and look good and fun youthful activities because they have a positive effect on your health too.

Does This Apply to Fat and Ugly Too?

I’m just thinking, maybe mind over matter works for other aspects of beauty too. When you are feeling ugly, you look uglier to others even though you don’t actually look any different to yesterday. When you feel fat, you look fat, like you have a fat twinkle in your eye or something.

Maybe it’s some sort of invisible energy or aura you give off in a “new-agey” way but I suspect it’s really just a matter of confidence. If you feel young, pretty and slim, you look the world in the eye, stand and walk tall. It is reflected in your whole demeanor. And if you feel old, ugly or fat, it’s quite the opposite. You just want to hide away for the day.

I’m sure it just gives a slight edge and we can’t just think ourselves pretty, slim and young, without putting in the effort with clothes, diet, exercise, makeup and beauty routines. All that effort can make you both look and feel better anyway so you’ll get the better feelings that help automatically. In any case, you may want try a bit of positive thinking as well because “every little helps” as they say.

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