Five Timeless Beauty Quotes

I just had fun picking these beauty quotes out of “Good Housekeeping: Timeless Beauty” and messing about with the pictures – seems like anything is OK apart from doing real work today. Anyway I hope you like them too.


When You Feel Positive and Happy…

beauty quote when you feel positive and happy

“When you feel positive and happy, you exude energy, enthusiasm and true beauty” Jo Glanville-Blackburn


Beauty Exists at Every Age…

beauty quote beauty exists at every age

“Beauty exists at every age. It’s not about youth and perfection!” Jo Glanville-Blackburn


It’s Never Too late…

beauty quote its never too late

“It’s never too late to protect your skin from further sun damage” Paolo Giacomoni, Head of Research, Clinique


Good Day, Bad Day…

beauty quote good day bad day

“Good day or bad day, your hair is the one thing you just can’t hide” Jo Glanville-Blackburn


Red Lipstick…

beauty quote wives in red lipstick

“Husbands don’t like their wives wearing red lipstick: it’s too sexy and gets her noticed. I say wear it” Olivier Echaudermaison, make-up artist at Guerlain

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