Heidi Klum: How to Look Like A Model

Heidi Klum supermodelThere are plenty of beautiful models in their teens that haven’t really lived yet and then there are supermodels (far fewer) that have had 4 kids and are approaching 40, like Heidi Klum, who have been successful over a number of years.

If you want to know how to look like a model, you can better listen to Heidi than one of the waifs who will not be around in 5 years.

Heidi’s career just seems to go on and on from catwalk star and top model to entrepreneur to TV presenter.

Somehow, while juggling all that, she manages to fit in a happy family life too.

Heidi is always happy to share her beauty tips and secrets, and you can find her good advice all over the net. Here are some of the best things you can learn from Heidi about looking good

Heidi Klum’s Beauty Secrets


Don’t Be Too Thin

Heidi advises that a “little meat on the bones” means that you don’t look gaunt in the face as you get older, which happens if you are just muscle. With no fat to plump out your cheeks you can look 5 or 10 years older.


Plenty of Sleep

Apparently Heidi goes to bed 8:30pm most nights to get plenty of sleep as the camera picks up the signs of of a lack of sleep all too easily.


A Touch of Self tanning Lotion

Heidi gives a sub-kissed look to pale skin with golden shimmery self-tanning lotion rather than by getting a touch of color from the skin damaging sun.



A commitment to exercise including jogging and yoga means that Heidi stays fit, lean and toned.


Easy To Style Hair

Heidi has very versatile mid length natural looking blond hair. This is the best length to allow you to wear your hair in any number of styles to suit the occasion and your clothes. See just some of variety of hairstyles that Heidi achieves here (often with the help of some great hairstylists, of course).


Be Happy

A hubbie you love and 4 kids (plus a nanny or two) makes for a happy family life and gives Heidi a youthful glow that no cosmetics can bestow.

Heidi’s Evening Out Routine

Although it’s great that large handbags are in for day wear, evening bags are getting ever smaller. Heidi takes just the bare essentials with her so she can touch up her makeup every hour or so if she needs to. In her bag she keeps

“Beauty Rush blotting sheets, a Very Sexy powder compact and small blush brush, and the Very Sexy lip gloss or lipstick shade I’m wearing for the evening”.

Source: Bellasugar

Heidi gets rid of any shine with the blotting paper then adds a touch of powder and renews lipstick and gloss to keep her makeup looking good.

Heidi Klum Beauty Tips Video

You can see Heidi in action behind the camera in the video below and also an interview with a Marie Claire reporter where she spills the beans on even more beauty tips.

I like the way she is able to laugh at her hair disasters (don’t we all have those to look back on) and her tips about getting ready in 5 minutes – though this must be a lot better if you start off looking like Heidi Klum :).

She says if you only have 5 minutes you should prep your face with In An Instant moisturizer (from her own skin care range) so you don’t need makeup, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, then apply mascara, lip stain and blush and you’re done.

Heidi Klum’s Secrets About Looking Good In Pictures

In “Heidi Klum Body of Knowledge” (see pic and details below) you can find many tips on how to look great in pictures. As a professional photographic model, Heidi gives some good general tips on how to get a shot where you look your best (the kind you’ll also find in How to Look Good in Pictures : 47 Tips to Look Your Best) and also tips on how to give your pictures an extra dimension. For example

  • Use an “inner smile” as if you have some kind of secret and look enigmatic like the Mona Lisa to give an air of mystery. Let your mouth turn up just a little at the corners even if you are not actually smiling and let your eyes twinkle mischievously.
  • Never face the camera square on. Always turn your shoulder to face the camera slightly and think flirtatious thoughts
  • Look confident and improve your bust line by tilting your head up a little, arch your back and keep your shoulders back rather than hunched.
  • Don’t stare at the camera even if you’re trying not to blink. That makes you look slightly aggressive. Soften your gaze and eyelids to give you “bedroom” eyes like you were looking fondly (rather than lustfully) at a lover
  • Keep your mouth closed and relaxed or slightly open like you were eating a blueberry but not a cherry
  • Don’t go over the top with any of these techniques or the effect can look forced rather than alluring – and have fun with the whole process or it shows if you don’t

Lessons from Heidi’s Life as a Top Model

Heidi Klum Body of KnowledgeIf you want to know more how Heidi developed her modeling career from growing up in a small town in Germany to becoming one of the most famous models in the world, you can read about it in her book.

This is heavy on pictures (though it has to be said, they ARE fantastic and insightful pictures from the modeling world) and light on text but you do get a good sense of what it takes to make it in the industry from the text (lessons that can be transferred to any industry).

This is a great read for anyone thinking of entering the challenging world of the supermodel and would make a welcome gift for a friend with modeling aspirations. Check out “Heidi Klum’s Body of Knowledge: 8 Rules of Model Behavior (to Help You Take Off on the Runway of Life)” here.

Image Source: Heidi Klum on Wikimedia
Beauty Tips Sources and More on Heidi: Daily Mail article | Shape article | Glamour article
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