How to Look Taller and Thinner

how to look taller and thinnerI often envy the tall willowy models on the catwalk who are able to look good in a sack. But there’s no use crying over spilled genes, I’m only 5 foot 3 and a half (don’t forget the half) without shoes and though I’m not fat, I’m not going to be size zero any time soon. Never mind, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for how to look taller and thinner that anyone can use to lose 10lbs instantly and add the illusion of height. Give these tips a go if you need a bit of help to look slimmer and taller too.


The Right Hairstyle

Although “big hair” looks dated, if you style your hair so there is some height or fullness in the crown you will add valuable inches. With curly hair you get a bit of height from your hair anyway. You can pull straight hair back off your forehead and secure it with a clip, allowing some fullness before you pin it in place. You can also add height if you try an up do or high pony tail. To slim down your face you need to leave some hair covering the sides of the face so if you try a pulled back style make sure that you leave some tendrils loose to soften the effect and give the illusion of a thinner face.

In any case don’t allow flat hair to pull you down, add height at the roots when you blow dry your hair by lifting the hair with a brush as you dry it or try drying your hair upside down to add extra volume at the crown.

If you want to reduce a round face, discuss with your hairdresser about the possibility of layers curving towards your face if you have a straight style or curls framing your face if your hair holds a curl. Both will help reduce a moon face as hair is brought forward onto the cheeks.

Avoid wide, puffed out hair or anything too angular. Long straight hair or heavy straight bangs will emphasize the roundness of your face. Go for softness instead. An asymmetrical focus can help. For example, a side parting rather then a middle one or bangs sweeping over your forehead can help beak up a round face too.


Contour Makeup To Slim Down Your Face

ELF Beauty Face Manual

ELF Beauty Face Manual

If you are very clever with contour makeup, you can use it to slim down your face. If you are not so clever, it will look like your face is dirty. So have a go but be prepared to keep trying until you get it right. Getting it right means not seeing any contour color or tell take signs that colored makeup has actually been applied to make your face look thinner. Use a much lighter touch during the day and whether you’re doing this for day or night time make sure that you blend the colors carefully.

If you want to have a go, apply a slightly deeper foundation than the one you would normally use underneath the cheekbone and then blend it down over the jawline to take the edge off the roundness of your face. You can also use a blush or bronzer to create a hollow under your cheekbone but take care with this as blush is normally best used on the cheekbone itself. Smile to find the bones then brush the color just under the fleshy part sweeping towards the ear following the natural line of the jawbone. Experiment to see if blush or darker foundation work best for you. See also How to Contour Your Face With Makeup.


Choose Clothing Colors Carefully

Dark colors appear to recede and make the wearer slimmer and wearing all one color adds the illusion of height as you appear as one unified vertical line. Having said that I don’t think you should dress in top to toe gloomy black unless it is your most flattering color (and that is rarely the case).

Here are the colors that will probably work better for you

  • charcoal
  • burgundy
  • navy
  • brown
  • deep green.

You do have to be careful not to look dowdy in these dark colors so make sure you choose the most modern stylish cuts for your clothes and add accessories which are up to the minute.

If you want to lighten the look wear a lighter collar or scarf near your face or add a contrast with a long line necklace or scarf.

You can also try tone on tone clothing rather than wearing exactly the same color for a similar effect. For example, a mixture of natural colors such as ginger, caramel, cream and coffee can look good. Keep darker colors for the areas that need most help with looking slimmer.

You can see the effect of one color in this video and two other tips on dressing ten pounds slimmer.


Long Lines

When you think about what to wear to look thinner, a v-neck as low as you dare is great for giving you a long lean look. Continue the vertical line theme by choosing pinstripes or small vertical patterns, clothes with vertical seams or a vertical panel of fabric. All these effects draw the eye up and down making you appear slimmer and taller. Look out too for clothes in corduroy, or with ribbon, cord or lines of sequins running in a vertical pattern. Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs unless confined to a small area and framed with plain fabric. Don’t choose clothes and accessories such as wide belts which cut across the body and break up the line. Ankle straps and chokers are bad news for the same reason. Diagonal lines can work however if clothes are soft and fluid.


Avoid Adding Bulk

In cold weather keep warm but dress slimmer by adding layers of fine wool clothing rather than bulky jumpers and padded jackets. Big thick knits can make your top half look particularly boxy. Add warmth without too much bulk if you need to with thermal underwear which will help you look skinnier in cold weather without freezing to death.


Don’t Hide in a Tent

You might think that you can hide under folds of fabric, but actually you just look swamped as well as shorter and wider than you are. Of course, tight fitting clothing just reveals bulges so you don’t want to go for that either. Aim for well fitting clothing which skims the body.

Although pleats and elastic around the waist may be comfortable they add bulk and make your tummy bigger so avoid them if you want to look slim.

Skirts that hover around the knee are best – short ones display less than perfect thighs and longer ones make you appear small and dowdy. Avoid those wide long flared skirts which will make you look middle aged and dumpy. Choose a straight, A-line or flippy style for a neat look.

As for outerwear, single breasted tailored jackets and coats without embellishment keep the slim fitting vertical lines going too.

Choose medium rise jeans as low slung styles make hips and tummy look bigger and legs shorter. Dark denim will work better than light.

A one piece dress emphasizing your best areas and skimming over your worst ones is a great asset. Snap one up if you see it.

If you don’t think clothes can make that much difference just look at similar clothes on these identical twins. They have the same body but one looks much heavier than the other. Watch the one who looks heavier transformed before your eyes in less than a minute.


Simple Clothes

Simple lines are best when it comes to clothes as anything too loud including too many accessories, ruffles, bright colors and garish or large patterns will seem to shrink your height and expand your width. Also avoid breaking up vertical lines and smooth silhouettes with the addition of patch pockets on jackets or cuffs on pants.


Heels Are Your Friend

Heels not only add height, they also help you look slimmer because a 140lb woman who is 5 foot 4 inches looks bulkier than an 140lb woman who is 5 foot 8.

It’s important however to keep heels in proportion so that you do not look unbalanced and to make sure you can walk in them, otherwise you just look silly. No more than 4 inches is about right if you are small. If you are not used to heels, try platforms or wedges which make it easier to walk than stilettos as there is a larger surface area hitting the ground.

Choose simple shoes with pointed toes in the same color as your hosiery for a longer line to your leg or wear high heeled shoes under straight or wider leg pants to add length to your legs.


The Right Underwear

Spanx slimming underwearThe main thing about underwear is that it should be well fitting so that unseemly bulges are not seen to sprout beneath your clothes. If you choose a bra with a cup size that is too small, for example, the flesh hanging out from the top of your bra can make you look like you have four breasts instead of two. Back fat bulges from a too small size do not help you look slim either. So get measured properly and choose something that lifts and supports as well as looks pretty.

Some of the slimming undergarments on the market or all in one body slimmers are great for special occasions and you can “lose pounds” instantly with these although control underwear is not the most attractive it has to be said. Just make sure that bulges do not creep out over the top or from the bottom of your Spanx underwear.



Don’t slouch about trying to hide away from the world. A confident look can make you look taller and slimmer as well as more attractive, alert and engaged. If you sit up and stand up straight, you look the world in the eye and you naturally hold in your stomach and gain inches in height. In fact, you look like you have lost ten pounds when you do that, so a confident posture is not to be sniffed at.

Show off your best features. If you have a great waist make sure to wear fitted shirts and flared skirts. If your legs are you best feature a tunic top and leggings, or straight jeans and boots will show them off. Wear clothes to flatter the areas of the body you like most whether that is your slim ankles, a good cleavage or thin wrists.

Take the time to do your hair in an attractive style every day and wear makeup that flatters you. If you look good like this others do not notice your lack of height or a few pounds overweight. They will simply see an attractive woman, who is confident in herself for good reason.

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