How to Wear Navy Blue Eyeliner

navy blue eyelinerIf you feel like a change from black eyeliner but don’t want to go with one of the very obvious colored liners, why not try navy blue eyeliner to give your eyes a new look? It can really make your eyes pop.

Which Shade of Blue?

Navy goes with every skin tone and eye color so there’s no real worry about “getting it right”. The best shade depends on how visible you want to liner to be and how much you want the blueness to stand out. You can go for a bright navy if you want to make a statement or go for a gray, dark toned navy if you want a smudgy, smoky look.

Do You Use Navy Eyeliner Just Like Black?

You can use navy just like any eyeliner. Take a look at How to apply eyeliner for details on how to get it right depending on whether you choose a pencil, gel or liquid liner or look at the different styles of eyeliner you could choose, many of which would work with navy as well as black.

But, you could also play up the navy color and use it in different ways. Here are a few suggestions for using your navy blue eyeliner.

Combine Navy Eyeliner with Black

Apply basic black eyeliner and then use the navy as an accent color. Experiment with the following looks

  • outline your eyes in black, then go over the outer corner of your eyes in navy and create a smokey winged effect
  • line the upper lids in black and then use the navy in a smudgy effect below your lower lashes
  • outline upper and lower lids in black gel liner and let it dry and then apply navy over the top and smudge the navy color above and below the lids
navy blue eyeliner

CLICK the image for a selection of navy blue eyeliners

Combine Navy and Brown

Outline the eyes with a bright navy color, and then emphasize the corners and crease of the eyes as well as the lower lashes by applying dark brown shadow to complement the navy in those areas.

Combine Navy and White

Navy and white is a great combination for making your eyes pop like nothing else. Choose the right shade of “white” to suit your coloring (see White Eyeliner Application Tips) and apply it to the lower waterline and inner corners of the eyes. Then apply navy close to the upper lash line, outer corners and below the lower lash line without outlining the whole eye (avoid the inner corners). Smudge the navy, if you prefer a smoky effect.

The Rest of Your Makeup

As navy eyeliner is quite a strong look, keep the rest of your makeup simple and fairly neutral. Navy goes well with a soft pink lipstick, a berry shade or a red which is not too bright. And keep blush natural too.

How Do You Like To Wear Navy Blue Eyeliner?

Do you have any favorite color combinations that you use with navy blue?

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