Want Lip Fillers or Permanent Lip Augmentation? Forget It!

I have been doing more research on cosmetic procedures to augment your lips since I wrote my post “How to Make Your Lips Bigger : 8 Ways to Get Fuller Lips“. With these procedures, you can either have lip fillers, where you have a series of injections to make your lips bigger or permanent lip augmentation surgery, which involves having implants inserted.

lip augmentation

Forget lip fillers, remember the risks

I was a bit uneasy when I wrote about lip plastic surgery before, but now I think it’s something that I would never do or advise anyone to do no matter how thin your lips are. It’s just feels like an unnecessary risk to me.

Your lips are sexy enough already, for all normal purposes! Believe me, no guy is going to refuse to kiss you because your lips aren’t big enough or not be attracted to you because your lips are ugly unless you are wearing something weird on them like black lipstick or other colors designed to turn men off. And if a guy only likes you with lip fillers, is he really the one for you anyway? I think not!

In any case, there are plenty of other tips in my bigger lips article that will do plenty to enhance your lip shape and there’s really no need to go further.

My original uneasiness stems from those photos you get all over the newspapers and Internet of stars where their lip injections have gone wrong. They are not a pretty sight and the before and after pictures prove that they looked much better before they had lip implants inserted or got intimate with lip collagen, Juvederm ® or Restylane ® or whatever substance they had injected.

“Why did you do that? What was wrong with the mouth you had that makes this one an improvement?”

I’m thinking too of when I came across an “after picture” in person. I was at the airport on my way to Paris this spring and came across an otherwise lovely American lady, who had very obviously had work done on her upper lip. Her lip was red, swollen and inflamed and just like the pictures of the celebrities gone wrong. It was hard not to stare. I wanted to say “Why did you do that? What was wrong with the mouth you had that makes this one an improvement?” But of course I didn’t do any of that. I just felt sorry for the lady going to Paris with a trout mouth.

What Can Go Wrong – the Risks and side effects of Lip Enhancement

  • lips may be overfilled giving the patient a trout pout
  • potential lumpiness, scaring and ridges
  • redness, swelling, itching, bleeding (usually temporary but normally lasting a few days to a week)
  • uneven lips (you are at the mercy of the skill of the surgeon)
  • movement of implants from where they are meant to be and even extrusion through the skin surface
  • allergic reaction to the implant material or anesthetic used

Be sure to discuss these with your surgeon.
source : Wikipedia

I know that many cosmetic surgeons and lip filler technicians will disagree with me and I do believe that they are reputable for the most part and are simply doing what patients ask them to do in giving them bigger lips.

No doubt they also give their patients warnings about the things that can go wrong with a lip augmentation procedure and I’m equally sure the patients are not listening properly in their eagerness to achieve the perfect mouth.

Also it seems professionals report that many patients are choosing to go for bigger lips than suit their face, thinking that if bigger is better, then even bigger will be spectacular. Not so!

The problem is that if you go much bigger than your natural mouth, your face will be out of balance and your mouth will look unnaturally plumped up and if you go for a more subtle look then you can achieve that with makeup and lip plumpers, so there’s just no point in taking the risks of surgery or injections going wrong.

You pay a high price too for bigger fuller lips if you go the injection or surgery route. See a lip augmentation cost break down at this site

The cost of lip injections is lower but you have to repeat the process every 6 months or so and this means you have to pay forever to maintain the effect. With lip implant surgery the cost is one time only but it’s a higher cost, more risky, more invasive and more recovery time is necessary (plus if you don’t like the look you are stuck with it forever or will have to pay again to have the lip implants removed!)

If you think that nothing can go wrong just read a few of these reports, look at the pictures and think again. These are not isolated incidents

Of course, I would not like to suggest that lip enhancement procedures go wrong for everyone. You can find plenty of people who are happy with theirs like this one from the same newspaper with those reports of things going wrong.

And you can see some success stories with natural looking lip augmentation results in other places too. Many plastic surgery sites display their best work on the Internet, for example, this set of lip augmentation before and after pictures on the site of Michael Sachs MD who offers lip augmentation in New York city

But I’m not convinced these women needed to have anything done at all (and even in some cases that they look better in the after photos that are meant to showcase the procedure). And if that is the case, why do it? You could be one of the unlucky ones where things go very wrong indeed. And do you want to take the risk (and pay the cost) for something that is so unnecessary to looking good?

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  1. Chloe says:

    You’re so right. Don’t have cosmetic surgery just for some guy – if he wants you to, he is so not the person you want to end up with. When I met my husband, it was so refreshing to hear “Why do you bother with makeup?” .

    Anyway after seeing all those people who have had their lips done and it’s gone wrong, I’m surprised anyone would still want to. And with all the other options you give in your other article, there really is no need.

    • Jan says:

      Your hubbie sounds a bit like mine. I don’t think mine notices when I go to the hairdressers even. I think I’d have to go blond or something for him to comment. I can’t imagine him thinking I was more desirable if my lips were a few millimeters bigger….

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