Lipstick and Lip Care

Would you like soft, kissable lips? Would you like your lips to be one of your most beautiful features? Do you want long lasting vibrant lip color? Perfect lipstick application?

Lipstick and Lip CareIt’s all yours!

First off, here are the top 10 tips that will keep you kissable the whole year long.


Protect Your Lips

Your lips can easily get dry and chapped. Keep them soft with a moisturizing lip balm or treatment. One of the best and cheapest is a simple application of Vaseline.



You can exfoliate your lips very gently using a soft baby toothbrush. I like to apply a little Vaseline or lip balm first for best results.


Deal With Cold Sores Fast

If you’re prone to cold sores, deal with them as soon as you feel that tell tale tingle and avoid an outbreak. Always have a cold sore treatment such as Abreva or Zovirax on hand if you have ever had an outbreak as you can often prevent a cold sore appearing if you catch it early enough.

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Line Your Lips

Choose a lip liner in your natural color and use it to define your lips with a thin line AND fill in with color. No matter what happens to your lipstick during the day you’ll be left with some color and well-defined lips.


Reapply Your Lipstick

Check your lips in the mirror now and again during the day and if your lipstick has worn off, reapply it. Lip color gives a well groomed look, and your face needs it for balance if you are wearing anything other than very light makeup.


Get Your Lipstick Color Right

Some lipsticks will make you look old, washed out and drawn whereas others will brighten your complexion. Have fun one afternoon using the testers in a store. Don’t put the testers on your lips though (it’s unhygienic if others have done this and once you’ve tested one color it might affect the color of your lips and therefore how the others will look). Put a good amount on one of your fingertips and hold it to your face by your mouth to see the effect it has.


Go Easy With the Gloss

Glossy lips look stunning in photographs but they are don’t look very kissable just gloopy. Apply just a tiny bit of gloss to the center of your lower lip to give your lips a fuller kissable look.


Keep Lipstick On Your Mouth and Off Your Teeth

When you apply a fresh coat of lipstick, pop your middle finger in your mouth and draw it out between your lips to get rid of excess lipstick that might transfer itself to your teeth. Check your teeth and lips in the mirror and you’re good to go.


Try Some New Tricks

Beauty companies are bringing out products all the time to keep you kissable. There’s nothing like treating yourself to a new lipstick to cheer you up – check out the new lip stains, lip plumpers and lipstick colors next time you pass a beauty counter.


Smile Don’t Pout

I know a pout is supposed to be sexy. But it only works in pictures of movie stars and models who are supposed to look like they are better than you – in real life it means you are sulking. Try a smile instead, it’s much more kissable.