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Applying makeupMakeup is brilliant.

It can make you look prettier, more youthful and more glamorous.

It can help disguise too many late nights and early mornings or a bad skin breakout.

There’s no need to spend forever doing your makeup in the morning either. You can use full makeup to change the shape of your face or just add a touch of mascara to enhance your eyes.

Most of us feel better with it than without it. I definitely wouldn’t want to do without mine. Although I have been known to have the odd day without wearing any, they are few and far between and generally confined to those days I won’t be going anywhere.

How to Choose Makeup

Makeup can also be a bit confusing. Go to any large department store or even a local drugstore and you will see so many brands, products, formats and colors that you are left not knowing where to start. Though experimenting with makeup is half the fun, mistakes can be costly so a bit of knowledge about what to buy helps.

coastal scents eyeshadowA bit of self awareness is required to get the most out of makeup because it is not a case of one color or product type fits all.

Go with the general guidelines you’ll find here and in other places about what suits your eye color, skin type etc when buying but you might also like to experiment with products at the cheaper end of the market.

Once you are aware, for example, which color lipsticks make you look good and which make you look drawn and tired and which color eye shadows best bring out the color of your eyes, you are less likely to make expensive mistakes.

One of the cheap color palettes like the one above can give you a chance to try things out without sinking a small fortune on luxury brands.

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Treat Yourself to Makeup

Once you have that knowledge of what suits you, enjoy treating yourself to the best whenever you can. The packaging on expensive makeup is a large part of the pleasure of using it for me. Not only that, some of the higher quality ingredients in higher end products simply mean that the makeup glides on more easily, lasts longer and looks better too.

Applying Makeup

Getting the right makeup is only half the battle of course. You have to learn to apply it in the right way. You will find guides on this site with detailed application techniques but there is nothing like actually trying things out, putting makeup on in different ways using various tips and tools to find the best look for you. Make sure you have a good mirror so that you can see what you are doing. A lighted one is best if you can’t apply your makeup in full daylight.

Less Is More

Although makeup is designed to make you look good, more does not always mean better. The idea is to enhance your face not cover yourself in a mask so that you look nothing like yourself when you take it off. Studies have shown that men hate obvious makeup. Of course, they all know we wear it, they just don’t like to see it put on “with a trowel”.

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