Rainy Day Style : How to Look Beautiful in the Rain

When the heavens open and the rain tips down, it’s a well known fact that we are all supposed to look beautiful like Andie MacDowell at the end of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and not like a drowned rat. But how can you make sure that you still look good when it’s wet?

rainy day beautyPreparation is half the battle. If you know it’s going to rain (or even if you suspect it might) have a few anti-rain tricks up your sleeve. Just keep any eye on the weather forecast so you are not caught out.


Keep Dry

Living in rain soaked Britain, I never go anywhere without a mini umbrella tucked into my bag or pocket. It’s an easy way to stay dry the instant rain strikes. If it is already raining when you go out, or rain is definitely threatening, use a bigger umbrella and wear a stylish raincoat and boots.

You can get raincoats in beautiful bright colors, that will cheer up your day. Just make sure that your coat fits your build and does not make you look like a sack of potatoes. You want one in a style that is shaped into the waist or that has a belt without too much material to gather in. A classic or updated trench works for most shapes. Also choose the length that flatters you and goes well with the kind of pants or skirt you will be wearing under it.

What to Avoid in the Rain

  • Watch out for anything in suede as it gets ruined in the wet. This includes shoes, boots, garments and handbags. A patent shiny handbag is ideal – the rain just slides off
  • Avoid dull colors – rain can be a bit depressing – so choose your umbrella and coat in colors that brighten your day
  • Don’t “invest” in an expensive umbrella – umbrellas are too easy to lose and they blow inside out on windy days and get wrecked. Cheap and cheerful is the way to go
  • Forget coaxing your hair into an unnatural style – it won’t last – stay with whatever nature gave you unless you are really going to have time to repair any damage once you get indoors
  • Don’t commit fashion crime by wearing a plastic mac – unless you’re desperate – there are so many beautiful raincoats it’s a shame not to buy one. I saw tourists at the Edinburgh festival this year wearing clear plastic disposable capes. The visitors were dry, fair enough, but it wasn’t pretty and the shops are full of wonderful bright macs.

Boots are great on rainy days as you can wear any style that flatters you and tuck in pants or wear with opaque tights and a shorter skirt or dress and raincoat for a flattering look for all ages.

Unless you are going to get soaked there’s no need for 100% waterproof boots but you can have great fun with multi-colored rain boots if you wish.

For a more sophisticated look, leather is fine as long as you protect it with a special spray and give it a chance to dry naturally when you come indoors. Just don’t wear something like Uggs which will get horribly damaged in the rain.

And go for rubber soles rather than leather ones which can get slippery.


Manage Your Hair

Hair usually comes off badly when it is damp and sometimes even if you manage to stay dry, the high humidity will make your hair misbehave. If it looks like a wet day ahead, treat your hair to some anti-frizz serum or spray to combat the worst of the frizzies.

If you want to maintain a smooth style for important occasions, get some cordless rechargeable straighteners which you can buy in a mini format – charge them up, pop them in your bag and then you can use them in the bathroom when you get to your destination.

If there’s no time for that, depending on how your hair usually acts and how long it is, try clipping your hair back, tying it up in a ponytail or putting it up under a hat. Alternatively if your hair is short, slick it back with some gel for a “doesn’t matter if it’s wet” look.


Wear Waterproof Makeup

Andie can get away with rivulets of mascara running prettily down her cheeks but mere mortals can’t. Even if you don’t normally wear waterproof mascara, now is a good time to wear it. And if you wear eyeliner and eyeshadow make sure that is waterproof too.

Sheer foundations in a liquid format will generally fare better than mineral powder, that can get washed away, but keep any makeup light and in a natural color so that you don’t get streaks. Cream blush is better than powder too for going out in the rain.


Once You Come In

Change out of any wet things. You know your mother was right. Even if it’s been scientifically proven that being cold and wet don’t make you more susceptible to colds, according my scientific hubbie, I’m sure it doesn’t do you any good. And red streaming eyes and a runny nose are not great in the beauty enhancing stakes.

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