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Julia's Lip TintI have been testing out some great lip tints over the weekend called Julia’s Lip Tint, that I was given to review.

I always find lip tints a good way of getting a long lasting lip color, because I am useless at remembering to reapply lipstick, but how would I get on with these?

Julia’s Lip Tints come in little dark glass bottles with a screw on lid. If you like your cosmetics to look glamorous, then you will be a bit disappointed with these, but I’m more of a functional kind of gal, and I never apply makeup in public, so I didn’t mind the packaging at all.

What you do get is a whole lot of applications of color at a very a good price. These little bottles will last months. If you want fancy packaging (and a brand with a big advertising budget) then you pay a lot for it.

So far, I have tried the Natural Pink color and the Caribbean Pink. The natural color is – natural. That seems obvious but I have tried many “natural colors” that were not natural at all. This one just gave more depth of color to my lips and somehow that extra small jot of color immediately cheered my whole complexion. It’s not really like adding lipstick (which helps too) – I think the tint is better as it looks like the color is part of your lips and not something you applied. It was like I had a shot of youth! Anyway, vain person that I am, I kept looking at myself in the mirror and liking what I saw. And because there was no sense of having a layer of “stuff” on my lips, that you can feel with a waxy long-lasting lipstick, it felt natural as well as looking like it.

I added a very thin slick of my usual Vaseline over the top of the tint, because I like a dewy finish. That felt good, but the lip stain did not last all day with it on. The makers say that if you leave the stain matte and without a coating, it lasts longer. I didn’t mind as the tint is so easy to apply that you could easily touch up the color later if you like.

To apply color, you simply dip a cotton bud or the little applicator in the tint and paint it thinly on smooth dry lips. I love that you can control how much color you have by how many layers you use – there’s complete control of the depth of color that way.

After a day of natural color, I tried the Caribbean Rose without the slick of Vaseline. It didn’t seem to dry my lips, which I was afraid of, so that was good.The color was just a bit deeper than natural, and didn’t feel too “painted lady”. It lasted a good few hours through afternoon coffee – no tell-tale coffee cup marks. It had faded by the evening, but I was pretty happy with it, and will certainly be using both colors beyond the test (and trying the third color I have).

There are lots of colors to try to suit every coloring. If ordering, I’d get a natural one anyway, as it is a color that will boost every look and then treat yourself to one of the beautiful colors available.

You can get Julia’s Lip Tint at You’ll see all the colors on the order page.

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  1. Thank you for the WONDERFUL, informative review of my product, Julia’s Lip Tint, Jan! I am thrilled that you like it! You touched on many good points I myself hadn’t considered!

    I would like to add one note, if I may. The cost, $14.95, per bottle includes shipping and handling in the U.S. only. Paypal will send an additional money request for the extra cost of International shipping. I am going to address this on my website soon, but I wanted your readers outside of the US to know in advance!

    By the way…thank you for your hard work, finding great products, posting concise reviews- saving all of us out here the time and expense! We appreciate that!

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