Ten Years Younger In A Weekend

Ten Years Younger In A Weekend coverDiscover the secrets of looking a whole ten or more years younger by making the small changes that make a huge difference.

You can follow these tips in virtually no time at all – this is definitely doable in one weekend.

This book does not include any instructions about going under the knife or other painful procedures to improve your looks – it’s all about making the most of yourself with the right clothes, hair and makeup as well as a few other tricks and tips most of us over thirty don’t even think about.

We all know you can make big changes to your looks with a healthy lifestyle, including strict diet and exercise, but that takes time – a lot of time – and a whole lot of effort too. But these tips will help you no matter shape you’re in.

And in any case, you should also use the secrets in this book, even if you go the diet and exercise route, to make the most of your new body.

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