How to Apply Lip Stain For Great Looking Lips All Day

how to apply lip stainWhen I was doing a review of the best lip stains, I found a whole load of negative reviews about nearly all of the products, including the best selling ones. Turns out that many of the buyers who gave negative reviews didn’t actually know how to apply lip stain properly. And so they weren’t getting the benefit of having a lip color that lasts all day and looks wonderful.

The main problems were with the lip stain peeling off, looking uneven or drying the lips too much. But these are all problems that can be easily solved if you put lip stain on in the right way.

If you are thinking of buying a lip stain, don’t slap it on, only to get disappointed, follow these lip stain application tips to make the most of it. And if you’ve got one that you thought was a waste of money, have another go and see what it can really do for you.


Start With Smooth Lips

As lip stains are very drying and show up cracks and loose skin, make sure that your lips are smooth and moisturized before you begin. Brush your lips with a soft toothbrush and apply balm. Let it sink in then get rid of any excess by blotting with a tissue. The product will not go on smoothly if you don’t prepare your lips properly.


Line Your Lips

If you have chosen a vibrant color and are not confident about painting straight lines with the lip stain, prepare your lips by outlining with a fine lip liner pencil in your natural lip color. This will help define the outline of your mouth without adding any color and make it easier to paint within the lines.


Apply A Thin Even Layer

Paint the lip stain in a thin layer with the applicator or your own lip brush and let it dry thoroughly before deciding whether you need a second coat. It’s only at that point that you’ll be able to see how intense the color is. Many of those who found their lip stain didn’t last or went blotchy were too impatient to let it dry properly and some were even blotting it to help it along!

When painting don’t stretch out your mouth or pucker your lips so that the lip stain goes on smoothly and stays smooth when your lips are in a natural position.


Add a Moisturizing Top Coat

Add a thin layer of balm or gloss to counteract any dryness once your lip stain is completely dry. Use the one supplied with the product if there was one. If not, choose a waxy rather than oily product as oils are used to remove lip stain.


Reapply The Top Coat

Add another layer of balm whenever it wears off and your lips start to feel dry during the day. It might seem like this defeats the object of using lip stain to create a long lasting lip color but balm is much easier to apply than lipstick. You don’t even need a mirror.

How to Remove Lip Stain

Waterproof lip stains need to be removed with an oil based cleansing product.

If you need to touch up your lip color for any reason, remove the stain from your whole mouth before reapplying or you won’t get an even finish.

For More Natural Looking Lips

In this “How to Use Lip Stain” video, makeup artist Kaytie Sproul, shows a lighter way to apply lip stain if you want the color to be long lasting but don’t want intense color on your lips. Instead of painting the whole lips, she applies the color to part of the lips and rubs it in.

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