How To Design Your Own Nails

If you would like to have a go at nail painting with a design that will get your nails noticed but you are not sure where to start, there are some great step by step guides called “How to Design Your Own Nails” I found by Jaime Maurer that will really help you.

These guides give step by step instructions so that you can see exactly what to do including the nail polish you need and which simple tools will help.They include some great tips such as using a toothpick on the pointed side for a smaller dot and breaking it in half and using the broken side for a thicker dot.

Here are the kinds of designs available:-

Nail design blue flowerspretty pink nail design black corset nail designblue diagonal nail design

You can download all these guides from Amazon in the US here or here in the UK. You will see the instructions in full color if you have a color Kindle but if you don’t you can use the free app for the Ipad or for your PC and see them there. I especially like viewing these guides on the PC because you get huge pictures that really help see exactly how to make the designs.

So far there are 16 great designs in the series with new ones appearing as Jaime makes them so you can master one at a time and always have something stunning on your fingertips.

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