Look After Your Body

A beautiful body is slim, firm, toned with soft smooth skin. Oh dear, that’s a tall order though not impossible to achieve. For some it comes naturally but for most of us, especially as we get older, it takes a lot of hard work.

look after your body

Looking like this beauty takes a bit of work. Only you know if it is worth it...

The body you have, in any case, no matter how easy it is for you, is a reflection your habits, including

  • how you eat most of the time
  • whether you are active or a slob
  • how you care for your skin
  • whether your hair removal methods keep you smooth

It’s easy to hide away under loose fitting clothes all winter but when beach weather comes your habits will be revealed for all to see, and actually though you may think you are safe in winter there are always parties and hot dates where a body beautiful is a great asset!

Having said that, there’s no reason to look like a size zero model just every reason to look like the best version of you that you can manage.

As a bare minimum


Keep Your Weight In Check

If you have rolls of fat anywhere, it’s time to lose them. I know you love your food. You are supposed to. It’s the way humans are genetically programmed to survive. But if you also love your body and your health you have to start eating the kind and quantity of the food your body loves and less of the stuff that does you no good.


Take a Little Gentle Exercise

Find a way to get active that you enjoy and do it regularly. Get your heart moving for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. If you’re not doing that you’re killing your health as well as not giving your body a chance to be beautiful.

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Look After Your Skin

A daily shower with a gentle exfoliating treatment will help keep your skin soft and in good shape. See How to Exfoliate for Clear Beautiful Skin for more information on that.


Get Rid of Unsightly Hair

If you think body hair looks ugly, deal with it. There are so many hair removal products and methods on the market these days, there’s really no excuse. Set up a regular routine so that you are never caught out if you get a last minute invitation.


Stay Fresh

For most of us, a daily shower (sometimes even two) is not enough to keep us fresh and we need to use deodorant or antiperspirant. Once your body is clean and fresh, add a wonderful fragrance that others will remember you by. See How to Find Your Signature Scent.

Of course, you can do a lot more than the bare minimum and achieve the body of your life, if you’re prepared to work at it. Even a little more effort will make a big difference to how you look. Just get the basics in order first and you have a great springboard to a “New You”.

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