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Choose the Right ClothesThis is a site about beauty not fashion but because clothes can do so much to improve your appearance (or quite the opposite, spoil your whole look) it doesn’t seem right to ignore the secrets of how to look good when fully clothed. After all that is the way most people will see you (I hope!)

This is NOT the place to find the latest stuff to wear (unless the latest stuff is hideous and a warning is required – whoever thought puff ball skirts could make anyone look good?!)

This IS the place to find advice on looking your best by choosing the right pieces – clothes that suit your body shape.

Is It For You: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Just to kick off on the right foot, here’s my take on how to assess every fashion that comes out so you don’t get overtaken by the excitement of a new look, send caution to the wind and waste your money on looking like a puff ball.


Does it Suit Your Body?

If you’re past your teens you probably know your flaws and good points better than anyone. If a new style disguises your best features or draws attention to your problem areas then forget it. Cross it off your shopping list. Even if the fashion press are saying it’s a must have this season, it’s not for you. The good thing these days is that there is not just one look for each season, so there will be something else that does suit you, if you are looking for new clothes.


Do You Go Anywhere to Wear it?

Even if the latest business wear is ideal for your shape, if you work at home in your PJs, don’t bother. Spend your money where it counts – perhaps switch from the PJs to smart casuals and feel much better about yourself every day but you’re not going to get mileage out of something more formal. Upgrade the clothes you can actually use in your life. Don’t just upgrade the value of what will hang unused in your closet.

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Does It Go With The Other Clothes You Own?

If you need to buy the right shoes, a new top and other accessories to be able to wear the latest fashion, buy the whole outfit or leave it on the rack. If the store doesn’t have the things the item needs to look good, yet you can’t resist, buy it but make a pact with yourself to get whatever you need to make it work before the refund period runs out. If you can’t find the right accessories, back it goes, because you’ll never wear it.


Is It Practical?

Can you actually walk in those ultra beautiful six inch high killer stiletto platforms? Do you spend your life taking taxis? If not give them a miss no matter how beautiful they are unless you want ornaments for your mantle piece and not shoes. As for clothes, if the style doesn’t allow you freedom of movement so you can run for the bus or pick up a dropped contact lens, what’s the point?


Is It An Easy Way to Update Your Look?

If a new accessory or shape will update your look instantly and stop you looking like someone’s gran when you’re only 23, grab it without a second thought, all other things being equal.


Can You Afford It?

No fashion purchase is worth going into debt for. A piece of clothing is not an investment whatever the magazines and stores try to tell you. After all, if the worry about running out of cash puts lines on your face, you’ll need expensive creams and facial treatments to get rid of the worry lines in the future!


Do You Already Have Something Like It?

If the fashionistas say red dresses are in and you already have three, you don’t need another red dress. Trust me – buy something else that actually expands your wardrobe with new pieces.


Will It Make Anyone Laugh At You?

If anyone had asked that question about puff ball skirts, no one would have bought one. Just sayin’


Will It Wear You Rather Than You Wearing It?

Some fashions look exactly right for your personality. Others might be too strong for you and everyone will look at the clothes and not you. Beware of any very dramatic look unless you have a very strong personality, and like to wear your hair and makeup in a dramatic way too.


Will It Last More Than One Season?

It’s Ok for cheap and cheerful purchases to last one season before they look out of date but if you’re going to force yourself to wear a jacket, suit or coat with a dated look because you paid too much for it not to get more wear out of it, give the high fashion look a miss.

In general, if you have a limited budget, buy expensive basics in modern classic styles. You still can’t wear them for more than a few years without looking a bit out of date but at least you won’t look outdated after a few weeks or months. If you like to splurge on clothes, go for the latest designs and shapes but try to source them without too much detail as that is the part that goes out of date most quickly.