Look Younger: Don’t Sleep On Your Side

Woman sleeping on her sideYou would think any kind of beauty sleep would help you stay young, but apparently it’s not the case if you sleep on your side.

According to “Sleeping on Your side Can Make You Look Older“, the position you sleep in can have a big impact on your looks – as much as sunbathing and smoking. Yikes!

This theory comes from a clinical professor in dermatology at the Tulane University School of Medicine, Mary Lupo, one of the country’s leading experts in the field of non-surgical skin rejuvenation, who reckons she can tell the position any woman habitually sleeps in by looking at her face.

I had already heard that the drag on your face caused by cotton bedding makes it a good idea to use a silk or satin pillowslip. I also subscribe to the theory that sleeping on your back with a couple of pillows helps prevent baggy eyes. It just means the fluids have a chance to drain from the under eye area during the night.

But apparently by sleeping on your side, you end up with a wrinkle along your nose on the side of the face you sleep on. Not only that, but you will also suffer a deepening of dark circles caused by poor circulation of blood to the face during the night, and sometimes a skin reaction, no matter how slight, to the chemicals in washing detergents and fabric softener used to wash the pillowslip.

You can remove all those telltale signs by sleeping on your back so it might be worth spending a few nights getting used to going to sleep like that.

On the other hand, if trying to sleep on your back means you don’t sleep at all, or sleeping on your back means that you snore, making you far from an attractive bed partner, then maybe the side sleeping and the odd wrinkle is not such a bad thing.

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