10 Makeup Tips From Sandy Gold

Sandy Gold

Sandy Gold Makeup Expert

Sandy Gold is the resident TV beauty expert on CBC show Steven & Chris. I love her down to earth advice and the clear makeup tutorials. (You can see these at her Happiface blog).

Here are just a few of the great makeup tips I picked out from Sandy


Apply Cream Blush With a Brush

Sandy says that you should use a fluffy foundation brush instead of fingers to apply cream blush to avoid contaminating the product. Use a circular motion to apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

My 2 cents: I have always used my fingers to apply cream blush but used a cotton bud to transfer color from the pot. Going to have to try a brush now! Make sure that you clean your brush after use so that it is ready for action next time.


Use a Tooth pick on Your Mascara Wand

When you first take the wand out of the tube it will be overloaded with mascara. Use a toothpick to get rid of excess and avoid ugly clumps on your lashes.

My 2 cents: Great idea! I always just wiped the brush on the edge of the tube or on a piece of tissue. For more about avoiding clumps see How to Apply Mascara Without Clumping.


If Your Eyeliner Is Wobbly

If you can’t get the hang of applying eyeliner, Sandy suggests going for a smoky eye effect as you will be deliberately smudging your eyeliner and it doesn’t need to go on perfectly.

My 2 cents: The smoky eye effect is beautiful and often nicer than a harsh line anyway unless you are going for a particular dramatic effect with your eyeliner.


Prevent Eyeliner Smearing

To prevent your liner from smudging if you do manage to get a perfect line (and want to keep the defined line), set it with a translucent (clear) powder. This should keep your liner in place all day.

My 2 cents: Great tip! You can also set it by layering a powder shadow on top in the same shade. See How to apply eyeliner


Curl False Lashes with Paper

Sandy says curling false lashes with an eyelash curler can put a dent in the lashes that looks unnatural. She offers an alternative method of curling your lashes:-

“Place your lashes on a piece of paper and roll it up like a croissant; keep it rolled for 30 seconds and voila: perfectly curled lashes!”

My 2 cents: Brilliant trick!


Three Stripe Method For Choosing Foundation

Choosing foundation can be tricky but if you select the one you think is right and then choose another two colors, one slightly lighter and one slightly darker than that shade and paint them on your jawline, it should be obvious which one works for you. It’s the one that seems to disappear on your skin.

My 2 cents: This works but make sure you find a brand with many different shades of foundation like Clinique. If the 3 colors are too far apart then you may still not get the right color for you.


Don’t Cover Lines With Extra Foundation

Any excess foundation exaggerates creases and fine lines in your skin so keep coverage light as you get older. Apply with a damp sponge for even, light coverage.

My 2 cents: As the owner of just a few fine lines (sob!) I know this to be true. Avoid excess powder too which has the same effect of sinking into and exaggerating creases.


Use Bronzer To Add Color

Liquid bronzer can add radiance to your face and help create a youthful glow. Use a large powder brush to apply it to the cheeks, chin and forehead and then give your whole face a light sweep with color.

My 2 cents: This is a trick that Jennifer Aniston has got right. See Jennifer Aniston Sun Kissed Makeup Tutorial


Tap Off Excess Eyeshadow

Once you load your brush or other applicator with color, give it a quick tap to avoid bits of color falling onto your cheeks and messing up the rest of your makeup.

My 2 cents: Have some makeup remover and cotton buds on hand to do a quick clean up in case of little mistakes like these.


Don’t Go To Bed With Your Makeup On

I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before and sometimes you are just too tired. Sandy suggests taking your makeup off as soon as you get home and using face wipes to make the task easier.

My 2 cents: Great idea to get rid of your makeup as soon as you can and let your skin breathe as long as you are not likely to get surprise visitors! I normally do a full cleansing routine at night but I also have those handy face wipes for when it’s just too much bother!

No Time For Makeup?

If you have time for nothing else, put on mascara! Sandy says it’s the one thing that can make a huge difference to your face. But if you have just a little time, here’s Sandy’s very quick and easy makeup routine you can do in five minutes! (If you can’t spare 5 minutes to put on a bit of makeup in the mornings, you need a new life!)

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