Top Skin Care Tips For The Holiday Season

skin care tips for the holidaysSo many things can take their toll on your skin during the holiday season, it’s so not funny.

You are up to your eyeballs in stress, you party all night, you eat for six (and all the wrong things) and then you want to look your best!

Better have some strategies in place to cope so you don’t suffer a mass skin breakout that lasts the whole of December!

Here are the top skin care tips to help you have great skin over the holidays right into January and beyond.


Keep an Eye on Your Alcohol Consumption

Your skin never looks the picture of health the morning after the night before. There’s no need to go teetotal but a little moderation will do your skin the world of good. You’ll feel better too without a hangover when you have so many activities to get through. Alternate water or soft drinks with alcoholic ones and you’ll cut your drinking by half automatically. Also, being the designated driver now and again will do you good and everyone will love you for it.


Keep Up Your Usual Skin Care Routine…

Try not to let things slide, no matter how busy you are. Even if you don’t have time for special treatments and facials keep up cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating to keep your skin clear over the holidays. If you have a late night party don’t slink into bed without removing you makeup. Have some facial wipes to hand and slather on the moisturizer. A minute of care can make all the difference between good skin over the party season and a breakout.


…But Adapt to New Conditions

If you are traveling to an area with a different climate or staying in a place which is over-heated or air conditioned you may find that you need to adapt your skin care routine a little to deal with any problems which might arise. Think about what you might need in advance and have the right products on hand to deal with dryer air, a sunnier climate or high humidity. An extra rich moisturizer, sun block or oil absorbing blotting paper might make all the difference to how you look but you might not have the opportunity to shop for what you need at your destination.


Protect Your Skin From Winter Woes

Winter weather can be very drying on skin whether you are traveling to a new climate or not, so have a great winter skin care program in place to make sure your skin looks its best through the whole season and into spring. See 10 Steps to Combat Dry Skin in Winter for help to deal with the dryness that can accompany cold and snowy weather.


Take Time to Relax

It’s a pity that so much worry accompanies the holiday season but it does. There seems to be so much to do and so little time to do it in, so much to buy with over-stretched finances and family parties can often be accompanied by more stress than we like to admit. That stress can be reflected in all kinds of skin problems. Taking time to relax is not something you can forget just because you have so much to do, it’s something you need because you have so much to get done! 10 minutes slow breathing, a good soak in the bath, a little yoga or aerobic exercise can make all the difference between getting stressed out and suffering skin breakouts or feeling calm and looking after your skin. If all else fails, try Feeling Frazzled? Instant Calm With 60 Second Relaxation to keep calm without eating up too much of your day.


Don’t Go Overboard on Junk

You can treat the holidays as a period of no-holds barred eating or just enjoy the odd treat high in all the things you usually avoid like fat, sugar and salt. No prizes for guessing which choice your skin would prefer. Enjoy yourself – a delicious dessert or a bit of candy now and again are not going to wreck your skin (or your diet). Just be selective about the things you choose to treat yourself to, rather than stuffing yourself silly for weeks. Try not to pile on the pounds over the holidays. You may reason that you can always lose an extra 5 or 10 pounds next year but constantly losing the same 5 or 10 pounds can affect the elasticity of your skin and cause sagging – so it’s definitely something to avoid if you care about your skin.

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