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How to Wear Navy Blue Eyeliner

navy blue eyeliner

If you feel like a change from black eyeliner but don’t want to go with one of the very obvious colored liners, why not try navy blue eyeliner to give your eyes a new look? It can really make your eyes pop. Which Shade of Blue? Navy goes with every skin tone and eye color so there’s no real worry about “getting it right”. The best shade depends on how visible you want to liner to be and how much you want the blueness to stand out. You can go for a bright navy if you want to make a […] Read more »

How To Apply Mascara Without Clumping

Apply mascara without clumping

When you apply mascara properly, it has a wonderful effect. It thickens and elongates (and in some cases, darkens) your eye lashes. It gives definition to your eyes whether or not you are wearing other eye makeup. Each lash should be perfectly separate and without clumps of mascara, messing up the look of your lashes. And that is an age old problem – how to apply mascara without clumping. Is it even possible? Here are 10 ways to make sure your mascara goes on smoothly without those tell-tale clumps. 1 How Old Is Your Mascara? If you have had your […] Read more »

10 Steps: How To Wear Makeup With Glasses

makeup with glasses

I started wearing glasses when I was thirteen MONTHS old! Apparently they had to be tied to my head to prevent me snatching them off. And I was still snatching them off when, aged 13, I discovered boys and decided I didn’t want to wear them any more and just stopped! Now of course, older and wiser (at least in some ways) I’m much more sensible about it and the print is starting to get smaller somehow in books, magazines and especially on the instructions for cooking stuff in the microwave. (Why do they make that print so small, or […] Read more »

Best White Eyeliner: Application Tips And Recommendations

white eyeliner

When it comes to colors, black and brown are by far the most popular eyeliners but every now and again white eyeliner is thrown into the limelight when models are seen with it once again on the catwalk or the stars reveal their red carpet makeup secrets. The truth is, though it is often spouted as a “new trend this season”, white eyeliner has never really gone away and there are a few reasons for that. For one, dark colors like black and brown outline and define the eyes but by their very nature dark colors cause parts of your […] Read more »

Different Eyeliner Styles For A Distinctive Look

eyeliner styles

A lot of people have asked me about different eyeliner styles and how to do them but the truth is I haven’t really spent a lot of time trying out the cat eye, Egyptian Pharaoh or Goth look. I don’t have the face or coloring for dramatic eyeliner or makeup. (OK I confess, I’m a closet mouse really with a hankering for natural makeup, that looks like me, only better but I’m going to rebel one of these days….) All is not lost though, even though I can’t give you the run down on these different eyeliner looks on my […] Read more »

Perfect Eyeliner : How To Apply Eyeliner The Right Way

perfect eyeliner

I must be a slow learner. I’ve only just started using eyeliner in the past few years and wow, I don’t know how my eyes ever did without it. What a difference it makes! It’s not that my eyes looked bad before just that they look so much better now. I have to say that there is nothing better to accentuate your eyes. Eyeliner defines them and can not only make your eyes look bigger if you apply eyeliner properly but can also give you thicker lashes. You can do all kinds of effects with it from natural to smoky […] Read more »

Long Lasting Eyeliner : 8 Tips To Make It Stick Around

Starry Long Lasting Eyeliner

There’s nothing more frustrating when it comes to makeup than eyeliner which you spend time applying only to have it disappear within an hour or two. Long lasting eyeliner comes from choosing the right product in the first place (some types tend to last longer than others) and then applying it properly so that it doesn’t slide off your skin or seem to disappear into thin air. Here are some tips to make sure your eyeliner lasts. 1 Use Liquid Eyeliner If You Can The longest lasting type is waterproof liquid eyeliner. Once it’s set, you will need makeup remover […] Read more »