Beauty Resolution #1: Prevent Dry Scaly Skin Patches On My Arms

prevent dry scaly skin on arms

Keep your arms free of dry scaly skin...

I’m always astonished at what seems to happen to my arms in a few short months.

They disappear into my sleeves at the end of summer and when I get them out again in spring ready to face their public, I have patches of rough dry scaly skin rather than smooth healthy skin.

How does that happen?

I mean I don’t treat my arms any differently in winter. I use the same level of exfoliation, same moisturizing shower gel but somehow my arms decide not to cooperate any more. I could understand it if my arms were exposed to the elements or I took too many hot baths or something, but I don’t think any of the usual reasons for dry skin seem to apply. It’s as if they go into hibernation or something in October and need to be rejuvenated.

Every spring, I always seem to be slathering moisturizer on my arms to help them recover. Once I get rid of the dry scaly patches, I stop and then the same old winter thing starts up again basically because I forget my arms are going to get like they do. (So easy to forget a little thing like the skin on your arms with everything else going on.)

Inspired by the challenge I talked about in my dry skin in winter post, I have decided this year will be different so since I published that post, I have been sloshing on the moisturizer after my shower, determined that my upper arms will be free of dry patches and ready for spring clothes and party dresses at any time.

Dry Skin On Elbows

The other thing that has been bothering me is my one red elbow. For some reason I had a rough red patch but just on one side. Thinking about it, it must be where I rest my elbow on the desk a lot. Anyway, I have decided my elbows are getting the deep conditioning treatment too. The best cure for dry skin on elbows is that old standby, Vaseline so they are getting a smear of it every day, just after I moisturize my arms. Hopefully I can get rid of that problem very quickly with my new arm care routine.

Something Else You Might Like To Do For Your Arms In Winter

If you don’t have a regular exercise routine to help tone up your arms, you could do one all winter and emerge with beautifully toned arms in spring. Although a lot of the exercises promise quick results the more time you have to get in shape the better.

I don’t do anything extra for my arms as far as exercise goes as I do quite a bit of yoga which is great for toning and strengthening them. I just do a set of exercises that I learned from a stash of Yoga DVDs I have that cover the whole body.

If you just want to exercise your arms without doing yoga, here are some easy arm exercises you can do to tone up flabby arms.

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