Quick Fixes for Bad Hair Days

If you wake up with hair that is out of control, frizzy, greasy or limp and you have no time to wash, condition and restyle it, then use these tips so that bad hair days don’t get a chance to get you down.

bad hair days

Don't let bad hair days get you down...

It’s a well know fact (and a study by Yale University backs this up) that a bad hair day lowers your self esteem, increases insecurities and makes you feel generally “Blah!”

So it’s well worth getting your hair at least looking presentable so you can face the day with your head held high instead of hiding from mirrors, store windows and the hunky guy in accounts.

When a bad hair day strikes, there’s generally no time to go shopping, so it’s worth keeping a few emergency supplies at home (and perhaps mini versions in your bag) to fix whatever bad behavior can be expected from your hair.

10 Hair Disasters and How to Fix Them Fast

The kind of hair disasters you meet, how often they appen and the solutions you need depend on your type of hair. Some hair is just born disobedient and you have to be ready to tackle it!


Oil Slick?

If your hair is a bit greasy and lank then spray with dry shampoo and brush out well using a dense bristled brush. If you don’t have any dry shampoo then baby talc is a good substitute. This will soak up the grease and get your locks lovely again until you have a chance to wash your hair. If you have bangs you could also try just washing the front as this makes a huge difference to how your hair looks.


Frizz Out of Control?

If your hair has a bad case of the frizzies, chances are washing would not help as it might just create more frizz. Instead spray on or apply a little frizz control serum and work through your hair and then curl as many sections as you have time for with a curling iron to give soft curls or straighten with hair straighteners.

Can’t Fix it? Hide it!
If you still can’t do anything with your hair then it’s time to disguise it or draw attention away from it. Here are the things you can try

  1. Keep your hair off your face with a hair band or sunglasses perched on top of your head
  2. Wear a chic scarf. Practice tying scarves with style for just such an occasion.
  3. Style just the front of your hair and keep the rest out of sight in a ponytail, bun or plait. Don’t draw attention to it with anything too decorative though – now is not the time for flowers in your hair or a huge brightly colored scrunchy. Low key is best
  4. Take the emphasis away from your hair by making up your face with either strong lips or strong lip color.
  5. Tuck your hair under a wonderful hat. Doesn’t work well indoors at the office though.

If you don’t have any serum, as a last resort massage a little hand cream into your hands and then run through your hair to help smooth your hair.


Bob Refusing to Bob?

If your straight bob has no bounce then dampen the top layer of hair (with a plant mister if you have it) and then blow dry that section with a round bristle brush to add some lift to your hair style.


Curly Hair Lacking Curl?

A plant mister is your friend here too. Sometimes just dampening and then scrunching your hair with your hands as it dries will revive the curls. If not put in some velcro rollers, leave them as you get ready then quickly dry off any remaining dampness with your dryer.


Sticking Out Hair?

Just dampen the area that is sticking out and then blow dry it back in place. If you have no drier, just lift the hair with your brush and smooth until your hair is dry. A little section should just take a few minutes but just mist or sprinkle the hair with water rather than soaking it.


Flyaway Hair?

If your hair is suffering from static, you can calm it down by spraying a little hair spray on your brush or comb and working it through your hair.


Flat, fine hair?

Spray your hair with thickening solution, enough so that when you comb it through it is slightly damp. Dry your hair upside down to add some lift at the roots.


Short Spiky Style?

If you have a short spiky style then make the most of it with hair styling cream. Dampen your hair and then run the cream through your hair and leave your hair dry.

messy updo for bad hair days

Try a messy updo for bad hair days


Cut Grown Out?

You can use bobby pins, slides and bull dog clips to keep your hair under control while it grows but don’t try to be too neat when your hair is a bit of a mess. Aim for a messy updo with the ends sticking out in a fan shape that you can keep in position with hair spray.


Smelly Hair?

If you hair smells less than fragrant and you’ve no time to wash it, don’t be tempted to spray it with perfume, it will be far too potent all day. Simply spray a little perfume into the air in front of you and walk into the cloud of fragrance that forms. Your hair will get a much more subtle fragrance that way.

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