How to Get a Firm Butt : One Minute Buttock Lift

buttock liftA pert rear end is a great asset. Though we can’t all look like Pippa Middleton you can definitely get a firm butt to be proud of without too much effort.

This one minute buttock lift can be done while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew or the kettle to boil (my favorite time to do it).

You can even shape your bottom while you’re on the phone, though maybe not if you’re in a shared office if you want to avoid strange looks.

How to Get a Firm Butt Fast

It’s very simple – just one easy bottom lift exercise!

Stand on one leg (holding onto a kitchen counter or table for balance if you need to). Stretch the other leg straight out behind you. Raise the leg as high as you can and hold for a count of 10. Lower the leg slowly. Repeat with the other leg.

That’s it! No need to get surgical buttock lifts or save up for implants. You can have a shapely tight butt without hours of butt firming torture. Just repeat this simple movement as often as you have time for.

The secret is in doing the lifts slowly and really feeling the buttock muscles while you are doing the exercise. Obviously don’t strain but go as far as you can in each movement. By going slowly you will quickly see where your limit is and therefore where you should stop.

Each time you do this mini butt workout you will be able to go a tiny bit further and your buttocks will be a tiny bit firmer. They will tighten up millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch.

This exercise is great for the back of your legs too.

If You Have a Fat Butt

A great butt workout can only work its magic if you can actually see the buttock muscles. If they are hidden under a lot of fat then you will be doing your bottom a lot of good there somewhere underneath the surface but no butt workout, however good, will get rid of the fat from that area for you. You have to tackle that via the usual diet and fat burning aerobic exercise avenues unfortunately.

But if you are already losing weight, this type of workout for your butt and other muscle toning exercise is essential to make sure you are losing fat through your weight loss program and not muscle. By doing toning exercises for the buttocks, you are helping make sure that a beautiful body and not a wobbly untoned one finally emerges when you get to your goal weight.

Alternative Butt Firming Exercises

The video below shows a good butt workout with three different exercises: the squat, the lunge and a modified plank. These will be very effective but you will need a couple of things which you don’t need for the one minute buttock lift – workout clothes and plenty of floor space.

It’s things like having to get changed and clear out the furniture which can make the difference between doing exercise and not doing exercise. That’s why I like exercises you can do any time you have a minute. But if you have the time and motivation to do these they will work too!

If you want some even tougher exercises for a firm butt try this workout from Ford model Kim Strother. She includes more difficult squats and single leg dead lifts using five pound dumbbells plus plié squats, single leg squats (slides) using a towel on a smooth surface, lunges and hip lifts.

After that lot your butt will simply surrender. But again remember you’re better doing a one minute simple exercise regularly and keeping it up for good than a killer workout for your butt that you only keep going for a week.

And If All Else Fails…

There’s always bottom lifting underwear. That’s why Spanx were invented.

Even so, you still don’t get out of jail free.

Spanx and other such bottom firmers will give you the Bridget Jones dilemma with any new partner. Should you wear passion killer underwear but look good in your clothes? Or never get as far as revealing your lace and satin finery by having, as Bridget says, a “bottom the size of Brazil”?

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