Buying New Beauty Products? Hang On, Not So Fast!

shopping for cosmeticsSo many new beauty products get created every year that it’s difficult to keep up with them all.

Most of them are not really new and innovative.

It’s just that the big brands need to try and persuade us to part with our cash so they need to keep producing new stuff.

Otherwise we’d just stick with our tried and true moisturizer or mascara and keep our money firmly in our wallet.

It might seem like I’m committing heresy speaking as one who writes about and loves makeup, creams and lotions but you don’t actually need to buy that much to look your best. I have a closet full of jars and bottles but more often than not I go back to the old favorites that have stood the test of time.

That doesn’t mean that you should stop looking but you may as well exercise a little caution, especially if you are on a budget. Wait a bit to try out new products.

Beauty products have a cycle of launch and promotion they all go through. Avoid getting taken in by the hype surrounding the launch and you’ll save a fortune.

Glossy Product Ads

Of course, all products look great in the ads. The celebrity wearing or promoting the thing looks like a million dollars. But remember they already did – and still will, with or without the product.

It’s Worth Trying Out A New Product If…

  1. 75% or more of the buyer or reader reviews are positive
  2. it is something you need
  3. the product is designed to work with your type of skin/hair/coloring
  4. it is within your budget
  5. it is practical (you have time to use it)
  6. you have the skills to use it (or have a bit of patience to learn) (otherwise the new waxing kit/false eyelashes/acrylic nails might be a waste of money)

If you avoid being taken in by the celebrity or model promoting the product, you may be persuaded to purchase because of the scientific terminology and test results in the ad. The trouble is that the tests are often not that scientific at all when you see sample sizes and the way they select participants.

Ads are really just for taking note that a new beauty product exists and deciding whether it might be something you’d like to try in the future. Buy at this stage only if you have an unlimited budget….

Magazine Reviews

You will often find that beauty editors in magazines and newspapers will rave about products when they first come out. The issue is that they will have received free samples from the manufacturers with the big advertising budgets, who keep their publications alive, so, let’s face it, they are unlikely not to rave.

It’s interesting when they shout about an anti-aging cream after it has just been released when you really can’t know that it’s working for a year or two, for example….

Some magazines are better than others though and don’t just write glowing reports. They try and sort the wheat from the chaff. Some magazines run independent reader tests and though these will be a small sample, they can help you to make up your mind about products that might be worth trying.

Not having an unlimited beauty budget, it’s usually when I read a lot of good reports about a product from this type of magazine that I jump in and give something a go.

Buyer Product Reviews

Once you see real buyers loving a new product especially if they are saying it is better than the product you are using now, then it is probably worth the time and money to try it out.

Not that there is any guarantee that YOU will like the product but you increase the odds quite a bit!

With most beauty products you will see mixed reviews where some people will like a product and others are not so keen. You have to be able to read between the lines on these.

This is one of those areas where one size definitely does not fit all. Something might work well on my skin and slide off yours, or make my hair look limp whereas it adds a wonderful sheen to yours.

And we all have colors we love and others that don’t work for us when it comes to makeup. Sometimes a reviewer reacts badly to the ingredients, sometimes it’s a problem of not knowing how to apply it.

More often or not though it goes back to the ads and the false expectations that we have been fed about looking like an air brushed version of some beautiful celebrity because we buy a new skin cream.

Trust me, you are not going to look like a model because you buy a new skin cream (unless you already look like a model) but you might achieve smoother, softer, more supple skin that is worth going for.

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