Kim Cattrall: Beauty Tips From The Sex And The City Star

Kim Cattrall

As I get older, I love to see those just a bit ahead of me in age still looking and feeling fantastic. They are wonderful role models for growing older disgracefully, with great clothes, great hair and great makeup. There’s no reason why we can’t all be like that if we make the effort. In fact, age can be a great leveler when it comes to beauty. The beauty at 20 may take her looks for granted and not look so good at 50, whereas the average looking 20 year old may take good care of herself and have a […] Read more »

7 Bad Beauty Habits to Break

H is for Habits

There seems to be so much to do to keep yourself looking good, that the odd bit of neglect can easily creep into your beauty routine. Or maybe you just never realized how important some steps are. I came across this article by Jennifer Blevins at Divine Caroline that talks about 7 bad beauty habits we can easily get into. Add that to the 8 common beauty mistakes that you shouldn’t be making that I posted about the other day and there are 15 things to change that will have a big cumulative effect on your looks, especially if you’re […] Read more »

Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup Tutorial

Kim Kardashian

With all the fuss in the media at the moment about Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage to NBA star husband, Kris Humphries, it’s time to think of more positive things like makeup and beauty! No matter whether her marriage was a publicity stunt or a relationship gone horribly wrong fast, you have to say, the woman looks good. (And whereas everyone else looks like death when they are breaking up or getting divorced, she will probably look a million dollars through that as well). To give Kim the benefit of the doubt, maybe she already had second thoughts […] Read more »

Are You Making Any Of These 8 Beauty Mistakes?

Are you making these beauty mistakes?

In caring for your looks, like with many things in life, it’s the details that make the difference. If you are doing most things right, you’ll look OK, but if you want to look your absolute best, there’s a lot to take care of. Stephanie Abramson, a beauty writer over at, provides another 8 of those details to incorporate into your beauty routine (if you’re not already doing them) in her article 8 Common Beauty Mistakes Mistake 1: Over conditioning your hair by applying conditioner from the scalp to the roots. Instead, start at the ears and work your […] Read more »

Natural Looking Makeup, Glamorous Makeup or None?

How much makeup should you wear?

Do you wear makeup every day no matter what you are doing and where you are going? Do you vary your look depending on where you are going and how you want to be perceived? It’s easy to be lazy and think “I’ll not bother today. I’m not going anywhere special” But if you care what people think of you then a new study* shows that it is well worth making the effort not only to wear makeup everyday but also to vary the type of makeup for the situation you are going to find yourself in. The study involved […] Read more »

Rihanna Makeup Tutorial


Here’s a Rihanna makeup tutorial inspired by the “We Found Love” music video. “YES! I got inspired by the look where Rihanna is fighting with Dudley in the car 😉 This look could be used for Halloween easily, you could wing the liner and make it a pin up look or wear some dickies and be a “ghetto latina” with huge hoop earrings on” 🙂   Quote and Makeup Tutorial by StealingBeauty In her “We Found Love” video, Rihanna has a great Latina look with bold eyes and lips, and swept up curls with a bandana. You probably need dark […] Read more »

How To Be Beautiful In The Morning

How to be beautiful in the morning

I just came across an article on the web with the enticing title, “10 Ways To Wake Up Gorgeous”. Even though I manage to make myself presentable after a bit of effort in the morning, waking up gorgeous is not something I do on an average day (or to be honest any day!) so I couldn’t resist a look. There are a few good tips there including 1 Sleep On Your Back Apparently if you sleep on your face you are more prone to getting lines and wrinkles “The average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds—that’s a lot of pressure […] Read more »

Jennifer Aniston Sun Kissed Makeup Tutorial

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston always has a healthy outdoor look like she has been kissed by the Californian sun. Of course, that might very well be the wonderful climate she lives in. On the other hand, the condition of her skin means it’s unlikely she spends too long sun bathing (if any time at all). I doubt you could look that unlined in your forties and maintain an all year round natural tan. Rumor has it (and rumor is almost certainly right) that she achieves that look, with natural looking makeup skillfully applied and that is good news for those of us […] Read more »

10 Tips for Silky Straight Hair

silky straight hair

Straight hair has a very polished classic look but only if you look after it properly. You need hair in great condition to carry off this style. Split ends and frizz are big no nos. So what can you do to make sure you have silky straight hair? Here are 10 tips from to make sure your straight hair style stays in great condition even if you have subjected your locks to a damaging chemical relaxer treatment. For more tips on beautiful hair (which apply to hair of any length) see 50 Tips: How to Grow Your Hair Long […] Read more »

Best Tattoo Concealer (Unbelievable Transformation)

How will the best tattoo concealer transform Zombie Boy Rick Genest?

Having dealt with cosmetic concealers for years that really don’t do that much concealing of even minor blemishes, I was bowled over by this video transformation (below) of Zombie Boy Rick Genest with what must be the best tattoo concealer on the planet. Normally, (as you can see in the picture on the right) Rick doesn’t have an inch of his body or face left bare of tattoos, yet this concealer makekup (Dermablend) turns him into an almost regular guy rather than the zombie skeleton figure featured in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video. The face piercing and intense look […] Read more »

How NOT To Do Your Makeup

makeup mistakes

In the hilarious spoof makeup tutorial video below by Hayley Hoover “How to Look a Disgusting Mess” you can see many of the makeup mistakes that you can spot on girls and women everywhere. These are the ones that make you think, (but hopefully never say), “Did you look in the mirror before you left the house?” Luckily as a rule you don’t see all of these problems on one face at the same time but you must have seen all of them on someone at one time or another. The question is, are you guilty of any of them […] Read more »

Watch Portion Sizes For Weight Loss

portion sizes tomatoes

If you’re trying to lose weight, you really have to get your portion sizes under control especially if you’re following a calorie controlled diet plan or a points system. It’s all too easy just to guess and think you are eating about the right amount and then shock, horror, the end of the week comes and you haven’t lost an ounce or, worse, you’ve gained a pound. has come up seven answers to help you be more precise with your measurements. They have a slide show with seven special gadgets that can help you see just how much you […] Read more »

5 Secrets to Healthy Beautiful Hair

healthy beautiful hair

Top salon chain and hair product manufacturer Redken should know a thing or two about keeping hair looking good, so I was happy to come across their tips for healthy beautiful hair on the web today. Of course, they recommend a lot of their own products (which are great though maybe a little pricey for some of us) but they have a lot of good advice too, that will work whether you use their products are not. 1 Protect your hair It’s interesting that the first thing they mention is protecting your hair. Like most things in life, healthy hair […] Read more »

Celebrity Secrets of Staying Young

Demi Moore

While the rest of us get visibly older over the years, celebrities somehow manage to look forever young. They seem to be in their sixties or seventies before crows feet dare to make an appearance and although their publicity shots may be airbrushed, the pictures they don’t control are not and they still look a million dollars. For instance this picture of Demi Moore was shot by photographer Cliff From when Demi was attending the Huffington Post Pre-Inaugural Party in 2009. She was 46… How do these stars do it? This video at UK celebrity magazine OK gives us […] Read more »

Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial

Angelina Jolie

If I had not seen this with my own eyes I would not have believed that makeup artist Tamang Phan could transform herself to look so much like Angelina Jolie. Wow! That is really impressive. Not that all of us should want to look like Angelina Jolie – the world would be really eerie with thousands of Angelinas walking around and poor Brad would not know which way to look LOL Anyway, this may be another chance to change your look for Halloween perhaps? And somewhat prettier than the three looks in the MAC Halloween makeup tutorial. The makeup used […] Read more »

MAC Halloween Makeup: 3 Great Looks

Halloween makeup

It’s no good having the perfect Halloween costume and then doing your makeup like you would for a normal night out (though it might look a bit prettier….) You don’t want to look like a perfect fright either. You still want to look beautiful and emphasize your eyes with your makeup and look just a little bit intimidating for this one special night of the year. By planning your makeup, getting any products you need and practicing a bit before the day, you can look absolutely stunning at Halloween parties and knock them dead but not in an evil way… […] Read more »