Amy’s Long Hair Care Tips

Amy's Long Hair care Tips

This is Amy, who provided these great long hair tips

After I posted my 50 tips on How to Grow Long Hair, I didn’t think there was much else to say on the subject of how to look after long hair but Amy over at her Loveamy blog proved me wrong. Amy has beautiful naturally black very long hair, about waist length and she shared her long hair care tips with us here.

It was good to see that we agree on a lot of things about keeping long hair healthy in general, and I won’t go over those again. But it was great to read Amy’s own hair care routine. She knows what works for her and it isn’t too expensive or time consuming so I think there’s a lot to learn from her article especially if you have long hair.

Here are the things I might try out for myself as my hair gets longer (it’s just past my shoulders now) or which might help you develop your own long hair care routine:-


Save Money on Hair Care Products

Amy chooses drug store brands of volumizing shampoo and conditioner as her favorite Kérastase was getting too expensive to use regularly. If you try out a few different products you will probably find a shampoo and conditioner that you like almost as much as your expensive brand. Amy uses Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment as a deep conditioning treatment which is a great low cost treatment.


Use Hair Oil

Amy uses Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment after her shower (never on dry hair). After washing with shampoo and conditioner, she wraps her hair in a towel to blot off excess moisture for a few minutes then applies the oil to her damp hair (mainly the hair from the ear level to the ends) after warming it in her palms. You need very little each time – just three to four pumps from the bottle for very long hair, less if you have short hair. This product costs just a few dollars from Sallys and one bottle has lasted Amy over a year. She recommends it over more expensive hair oil products.

This smells amazing, eliminates frizz, restores moisture and shine, and makes my hair really soft. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

I’ve got to try this! Will see if I can find it in Sallys here in the UK. (I just found out there are over 270 Sally’s stores here – I didn’t know that before I tried to find this oil online – thanks Amy)


Reduce Damage

Amy never uses a brush or comb on her hair and only uses heat on special occasions. I don’t know how I could do without a comb as my hair is very fine and straight and gets easily tangled but I don’t use heat to dry it – only my hairdresser does that – once every 5 weeks. I don’t think it looks good for them if you leave their salon with wet hair.


Beachy Waves

Amy has hair with long layers cut into it which gives her a slight wave but she also creates waves and volume by putting her hair up in a messy bun while it dries. She alternates having her hair in the bun with leaving it loose every 10 to 15 minutes while it dries to avoid obvious kinks and keep the waves natural.

I think a sock bun might work well for Amy too (though that is an overnight treatment). This involves dampening your hair and putting it into a high soft bun on top of your head (so it doesn’t disturb your sleep) and then you have soft curls by the next day, which last all day. You can leave your hair with curls or brush them out into soft waves. You can see how to do this in Loepsie’s video below.


More Volume

Other than adding volume with volumizing shampoo and creating beachy waves, Amy also has another couple of tricks for adding volume. First of all, as her hair is drying (while it is down), she flips her hair over in the opposite direction to the way it normally falls when it is dry (so if your bangs and parting are on the right, flip your hair to the left) and this adds volume to the roots. And sometimes she uses Alterna Ocean Waves Summer Hair Texturizing Spray all over her hair and just scrunches it as it dries to add more wave and volume to the ends. Then during the day she might put her hair up in a messy bun now and again to boost the wavy effect.


Leave Conditioner as Long as Possible

Amy says, if you wash and condition your hair first in the shower, you can leave the conditioner on your hair (inside a bath hat) to let it get to work while you have your shower. One tip I also picked up from Amy’s post which is not so much a hair care tip as a skin care tip is to wash your face after you rinse the conditioner from your hair, so that you don’t get the residue of conditioner on your skin. This might help if you suffer from breakouts around the hair line.

Check out Amy’s blog Loveamy for more of her beauty and hair care tips.

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