Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial For Round Eyes

Before and After Angelina Jolie makeup

Samantha Before and After Angelina Jolie makeup

I loved this Angelina Jolie makeup tutorial by makeup artist Samantha Chapman because it has a few great makeup application tips that will work for any look, and she gives lots of special tips for those with round eyes.

Also my favorite videos are those where you see a real transformation between the bare face at the beginning and the face with makeup at the end. That shows real skill with makeup, especially if the makeup does not look thick and unnatural.

What you’ll learn watching this:-

  • How to give round eyes a more feline look that is just as pretty no matter what eye shape you have
  • A tip on using two foundation brushes to apply foundation. Use one to apply it and one to buff it into the skin. If you only have one brush, then as you are applying your base, you can use circular motions and press the foundation into the skin instead
  • How to give penciled in brows a natural look using three different colored eyebrow pencils, one over the other, in feathery strokes
  • Simple two color eye shadow for a very natural look, lighter color on the lid and darker color added to the socket in a soft wash of color
  • Using a synthetic angled brush to apply cream eyeliner
More on Angelina
  • How to prevent eyes looking rounder when you apply eyeliner by not taking a thick line over the top of the eye and applying from a third of the way across the eye and creating a flick at the outer corner. This means there is no width added at the widest part of the eye – the top and bottom. (Girls with narrower eyes can happily ignore that!)
  • Combing through eyelashes after applying mascara to prevent clogged lashes. See also How to apply mascara without clumping for more about applying mascara properly.
  • How to use fake lashes to elongate the eye, by using lashes only on the outside corners of the eyes, again taking the emphasis away from the round center to the edges.
  • How to prepare below the eyes for makeup by using concealer and setting it with translucent powder
  • How to avoid making eyes smaller by using a gold color on the lower rims of the eyes, on the waterline about two thirds of the way across and a little black eyeshadow just under the lashes about one third of the way across from the outer corner
  • Brushing lower lashes outwards with a clean mascara wand after applying just a little black mascara to the lower lashes
  • Using an olive brown cream color as contour makeup to emphasize cheekbones and narrow the nose, well blended with a stippling brush
  • Using cream blush on the apple of the cheek and buffing it in to create a light natural look
  • How you should avoid trying to make your lips look bigger by applying liner too far outside your lip line. For help with thinner lips see How to Make Your Lips Bigger : 8 Ways to Get Fuller Lips

Products used in the video:-

  • Illamasqua Skinbase foundation #7
  • Chanel sculpting eyebrow pencil in blond clair
  • MAC Spiked eyebrow pencil
  • Clinique eyebrow pencil #4 (black/brown)
  • Bone (#2) and Taupe (#4) Eye shadows from Bobbi Brown (alternatives are MAC Brulee and Wedge)
  • Clinique brush on gel liner in True Black (You could also use black eye shadow, wet or dry)
  • Clinique High Impact mascara (any black mascara would work here)
  • Corner lashes from MAC #20 and Duo glue
  • Power surge pencil from MAC (a gold brass color)
  • Maq Pro (Le Maquillage) fard creme palette (used as contour, on cheeks and on lips)
  • Pout polish from Sleek makeup in the color nude

You can subscribe to Samantha’s You Tube channel here for more great makeup tutorials.

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