Homemade Makeup Remover

extra virgin olive oilSome of the store bought makeup removers are filled with chemicals and can irritate sensitive skin. Recently I came across this video by Michelle Phan (see below) that shows a great recipe for homemade makeup remover that has just two ingredients.

This recipe is great for removing all kinds of waterproof eye makeup as well as foundation, blush and long lasting lipsticks, and it can replace your regular cleanser even if you are not wearing makeup. It’s unlikely you’ll find a more natural eye makeup remover on the shelves as they need chemicals to bind the ingredients.

To see how to make your own makeup remover, watch the video below or if you are short on time, here’s the quick version.

  • Take half a cupful of virgin olive oil
  • Add it to a bottle of aloe vera water
  • Shake well
  • Use the mixture to dampen cotton wool pads
  • Use it right away before the oil and water separate or shake again if you need to!
  • That’s it!

Because oil is best kept out of the fridge and the water in the fridge once it is opened, it’s probably best to make this in small quantities and use it up in a few days without refrigerating.

aloe vera water

Aloe Vera water is available in health food stores or you can buy it on Amazon.com here. Look for 100% aloe vera water and not the kind with added ingredients.

Michelle says that if you can’t get a hold of aloe vera water you can use ordinary filtered water instead though there are lots of vitamins in the Aloe Vera water that will do your skin good if you can get it and it’s a great cooling agent that helps prevent skin irritation.

Amazon says

“Aloe vera has been connected with more than 200 biologically active compounds linked to curing or treating some 250 human health problems. It contains a high amount of protein, including 22 of the 24 amino acids required for human well being and all eight of the essential amino acids not manufactured by the human body. Aloe contains ten vitamins, including an uncommon, plant derived source of B12. Aloe Vera contains over thirty enzymes, including lipase and oxidase.”

You may worry about using oil on your skin but extra virgin olive oil is similar to the natural oil in the skin so you should not have any problems and if you don’t strip away all the oil when cleansing, you prevent your skin over-compensating and producing more oil. Just be cautious with this is you normally react badly to oily products.

The oil is essential for helping to remove waterproof eye makeup. It helps if you hold the pad with the mixture on your eye lids for a few seconds when you start to remove your makeup and you’ll see the oil starts to break down the makeup and dissolve it.

Some ladies who have tested this natural makeup remover have loved it. Others are not so keen, but it is well worth trying to see if something so cheap and natural suits your skin. Michelle certainly has lovely skin to show for it.

If it suits your skin and eyes, you could also try using just the extra virgin olive oil as a remover. I have a feeling this would be too oily for most people, though some testers found this works for them.

So here’s Michelle’s video on DIY makeup remover, showing her making and using her lotion.

Follow more of Michelle’s videos at her YouTube channel

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