How To Get Gorgeous Hair in 9 Steps

gorgeous hairEven if you were born with great hair, you have to look after it to keep it that way. If you not so lucky then you just need a bit of know-how to get gorgeous hair yourself. California based celebrity stylists Jet Rhys Hair provide 9 tips for making the most of your hair, and I just couldn’t help myself adding one or two of my own.


Shampoo & Condition

Always choose a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. You only need to wash the crown of your head and let the shampoo that trickles down cleanse the rest of your hair as you rinse. Conditioner is best used from the middle to the ends of the hair and should be rinsed out thoroughly with a final cold rinse to boost shine.

My 2 cents: That cold rinse is a lot more pleasant if you do it outside the shower with a jug of cold water over the sink or bath!


Combing & Brushing

Use the best quality comb and brush you can so that you don’t rip or break your hair. Plastic is going to introduce too much static. Jet Rhys recommend Swissco wet comb which has wide teeth for easy detangling and Denman cushion brush.

My 2 cents: I think there are different kinds of plastic. It’s true, hard brittle plastic introduces too much static but I like combs in the kind of flexible plastic that makes the bristles in a Denman brush – they call that Nylon, which I think is a type of plastic, though I may be wrong.


Regular Trims

The longer your hair, the older it is at the ends so have it trimmed regularly – every 5 to 7 weeks

My 2 cents: That holds true even if you are trying to grow your hair long. I usually stretch my trims out to every 10 weeks however and that seems to work for me as I grow it. See Beautiful long hair for more tips on how to grow your hair long.



You can use color to enhance the shine on your hair and help brighten your skin too by adding a color, that will wash out gradually between salon visits without showing any obvious regrowth. Gold or red highlights can really liven up your hair.

My 2 cents: Great idea, sadly not an option, if you have too many gray hairs you want to disguise.


Don’t Over Style Your Hair

If you are too rough with your hair when it is wet, it is prone to breaking as it loses up to 35% of its elasticity when wet. Air dry whenever you can. Jet Rhys suggest

“Wash hair in the PM, air dry, then in the morning pop in about 6 hot rollers for smooth and bouncy hair”

My 2 cents: You can do without the hot rollers too, if you use the sock bun method – see (video instructions)


Condition While You Sleep

Use a hair masque every night, just a tiny amount from the middle section to the ends can work wonders in improving the health and shine of your hair. Also, sleep on a smooth silk pillowcase to reduce tangles.

My 2 cents: I haven’t tried a hair masque – need to give that a go. A silk pillowcase is good for your skin too.


Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated and increase natural shine. Misting your hair with Evian H2O helps activate products in your hair and reduce dry hair static.

My 2 cents: I’m pretty sure that it’s a myth that drinking plenty of water will make any difference to your hair at all unless you’re dangerously dehydrated. The misting trick is a good idea though. Try a plant mister for a cheaper solution.


Eat Right

A good diet boosts your hair, and is better achieved via your plate than a bottle of supplements designed to boost hair condition. Look for foods rich in Omega-3’s to enhance shine and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

My 2 cents: If you know you have a poor diet and you’re not likely to change it soon, (though you know you should for more than just for your hair), a supplement can be very helpful.


Own Your Style!

If you don’t like your hair, change it! As Jet Rhys Hair says:-

“If your hair isnʼt right, your day isnʼt right either. There are little changes or complete makeovers to help us boost our confidence or give us a new outlook.”

My 2 cents: Choose a hairdresser you trust to do your style makeover and spend time discussing options that suit you, your lifestyle and your hair, before you take the plunge. See Top 10 Tips To Find A Good Hair Salon And Stylist for help with this.

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