Should You Get A Tattoo Like Angelina Jolie?

angelina jolie tattoo

Actress Angelina Jolie at the premiere of the movie "Salt" at the "October" Cinema. July 25, 2010 in Moscow, Russia
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Angelina Jolie is a beautiful lady. She also has a tattoo as you can see in the picture.

Should you follow the celebrity trend and get a tattoo or should you forget it?

Tattoos may be fun and you may feel that body art is a great way to express yourself but you also need to think of tattoos as permanent unless you are going to go through the painful and costly process of having them removed. Even then you may be left with some scarring rather than smooth beautiful skin.

When trying to decide whether to get a tattoo, also consider the reasons that people want them removed and whether these reasons might also apply to you in the future. Chances are they will and therefore make sure you think very carefully about whether you should get a tattoo now. There are many ways to express yourself without permanently inking your body.

According to Marci Kehrer in this article in Health and Beauty Tech there are five reasons why you might be considering removal sometime in the not too distant future.


A Change in Partner

You may have thought that a tattoo was a wonderful way to show that your love would last forever but when it doesn’t you are left with a constant reminder that things went wrong. And remember more love affairs go wrong than ever last a lifetime! Once you are ready to move on, your ex partner’s name or a symbol of a past love tattooed on your skin is not going to be a great turn on for future partners – far from it!

If you already have a tattoo and would like to hide it, you can use camouflage makeup. See Best Tattoo Concealer (Unbelievable Transformation) for what is possible with the best makeup for covering tattoos.

Social Pressure

If your tattoos are very visible you may find that they provoke a negative reaction in others. Maybe that won’t bother you and you want to get that kind of attention anyway, but sometimes things change. As you get older, you may want to give a great first impression without being negatively judged by the fact you have a tattoo.


Job and Promotion Prospects

The negative reaction to visible tattoos can spill over into the workplace and put blocks in the way of career progress. This is especially true if you want to join some organizations where staid business attire is expected. But, even in other places, negative reactions can occur and reduce your prospects of getting a good job. It’s a shame that companies don’t look past your image to your ability to do the job but, with more and more competition for every place, it makes sense to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding a negative impression.


Tastes Change

What you think will be a cool tattoo now may not feel so cool in 10 years time when you still have to live with that image on your body. If you get an tattoo, avoid the latest fad when choosing your design for that reason. Some tattoos will already be uncool before the ink is dry.

Also, remember that, although tattoos are relatively fashionable now, they are bound to fall out of favor in years to come – fashion always cycles around like that. What will you do when the beautiful people no longer display body art? You will be left with your tattoo along with a lot of aging celebrities, while the new kids on the block have smooth tattoo free skin.


Family Life

As Marci says

Some people get tattoos when they are young and single, then realize that it does not set a good example when they have children of their own. It is very common for people to have tattoos – especially ones that they feel are obnoxious – removed while their children are young so that they feel as if they are not being a bad influence as a parent.

So, why tattoo when you can save yourself future anguish? Remember, no one ever looked more beautiful (even Angelina Jolie) after getting a tattoo than they did without one, so why bother with the pain and expense of body art, or worry about whether you can afford to have it removed later when you want to?

Are you getting a tattoo because you want to be part of the in-crowd when the crowd you’re in will change and the in crowd will be well and truly out in a few years? What are your reasons for getting a tattoo?

Just sayin’, maybe you should think twice and be very sure you want one before you go ahead.

Do you think Angelina Jolie would look better without her tattoo?

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