Three Lipstick Colors That Suit Everyone

lipstick colorsI always thought you had to be really careful with lipstick colors otherwise they could

a) make you look like death warmed up
b) give a nice tinge of yellow to your teeth
c) clash with the rest of your makeup or your clothes

but apparently there are three special shades of lipstick that work well for everyone (though I guess you still have to choose the right one to go with your makeup and clothes). This is according to a report on Celebrity makeup artist David Maderich, and Miami-based makeup artist Marissa Nemes suggested three shades that would be universal and tested them out on 4 woman with very different coloring with great success.

The three lipsticks were

  • a light pink shade (actual test done with Prestige Lipstick in Passion)
  • a coral shade (testers used Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Color in Coral Lustre)
  • a wine red shade (the actual color tested was Two Faced Lip of Luxury in Drop Dead Red)

So if you feel uncertain about which color lipstick to choose you could start with one of these shades and not go too far wrong.

I still think is is probably worth not playing it so safe in this way and testing out a lot of lip colors to get your true Holy Grail color that flatters you to bits.

coastal scents lipstick palette

I think many of us are reluctant to do too much testing as mistakes are so expensive but you can get round this in your early days of testing out many different colors by buying a low cost lip palette such as this one on Amazon and playing around until you determine the best colors for your lipstick wardrobe before splashing out on a luxurious lipstick.

Look for at least two colors that work wonders for you – a natural color for during the day and a more glamorous deeper shade for wearing in the evening.

As a general rule, stay away from shades with an orange hue as these can make your teeth look less than sparkling white and go for berry shades if you have cool pink or ivory tones to your complexion or warmer colors if you have more yellow or olive in your skin. But the more you experiment the more you will see what suits you.

Once you have a shade you like, experiment with different textures (from matte to glossy) and different formulas for how well they last on your lips (see The Best Long Lasting Lipstick : Lip Color That Stays On!) for more on that.

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